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NEW MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE AND SPECIAL HALLOWEEN ANNOUNCEMENT: HMS is excited to launch it's first animated video – and the start of many animated projects to come! This is a long forgotten song by a local Canadian band Blame It On Jesus from 1991, which we thought would make a good starting point to try out our animation chops. Give it a watch and read on to hear about our next video in the works:

Last Halloween we gave everyone a treat with the unveling of the origin story of our mascot Dead Meat. We even went so far as to post an earlier video we made as promotion of HMS for another website. Since Halloween is quickly approaching, I'm here to make another big announcement.

We're hatching out another video, along with the continued story of Dead Meat; to be unveiled on Halloween. The new sequence will astound everyone and yes there is a big announcement at the end of this video. Believe me when I say this announcement is long overdue, so I'm hoping this will peak your interest even further.

In lieu of this announcement, HMS will be moving forward in a big way, so I trust everyone will continue to support us going forward into the new year.

As another year is done, we strive to continue to bring you the best coverage possible. So until next time, keep those fists pumping and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-In-Chief HMS - October 17, 2016

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