You can scroll down our features and catch up on music and movie reviews, or get the straight dope on those classic 80's metal/horror mash-ups from columnist Billy Laroque. In fact, Billy is a man after my own heart, since as you all may know HMS was founded upon movies like these. I dig what this cat is doing and now I can further add to this editorial another new scribe who has recently joined the cause.

Let me welcome Mark Slade to our ranks and let everyone in on a little secret regarding him. The man lives and breathes horror, so when he pitched me a piece about Videodrome I was all ears. I loved what he wrote, so we hatched out a new feature to let this eager scribe dig into the past for reviews on classic 80's horror fare.

With that in mind, I am proud to present FROM THE GRAVE. Our eleventh feature is now up and ready for all you rabid gore and horror obsessed fans to check out. Mark has decided to focus on the late Ken Russell's Lair of the White Worm as his first piece for FTG. Some might call this a masterpiece and others might view this as one big turkey, either way you know you are in for a treat when Ken Russell is involved.

Well that's it for me folks. As always keep it bloody and keep those heads banging!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS - April 23, 2014

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