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Horror Metal Sounds is the place to be. It is your one stop for all your horror and heavy metal needs, and we aim to bring you the best reviews, interviews, opinion pieces and artist galleries all in the name of Metalsploitation.

You will hear this word often, as we delve into the worlds of heavy metal music and horror films whereby both genres are combined. In fact we have a column that specifically celebrates the movies of the 80’s utilizing both themes, and it is run by our own Billy Larouqe. He’s definitely an expert in this area, so he will be examining the metalsploitation movies of the 80’s, and interviewing the talents who made this all possible.

Moving forward, we will definitely be looking for passionate writers, and if interested in being a viable member of the team write to us at or fill out the contact form below.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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Music Critic

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Music Critic

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