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Welcome to the Gore Spotlight; a feature that will expose, illuminate and generally pound you in the guts when showcasing the artistic talents of those we chose to shine our spotlight on.

This month we feature horror artist Steve McGinnis, who hails from Brantford, Ontario. Currently he owns Digital Impact Graphics and has been hacking through with a series of illustrations, graphics and all around horrific images. He’s done work on posters and ads for Fangoria Magazine, Macabrecon, Niagara Falls Comic Con and the Blood in the Snow Horror Festival. Steve is also a die-hard horror fan and heavy metal fanatic and can be reached here: Facebook and Digital Impact Graphics


Horror Metal Sounds: Let’s start out with a bit of information about you. How did you get started as an artist?

Steve McGinnis: As a kid I did nothing but draw, I’d hide out in my room after school and create these books of adventures. My folks still have them all in a box somewhere. Through high school I was told by every teacher not to pursue art as a career because I was no good at it. This really put a fire under me and I drew non-stop. After taking Fine arts and Digital media in college I worked for an artist’s studio which helped me focus on my realism techniques. Then after bouncing from graphic job to graphic job in the early 2000’s I went out on my own.

Horror Metal Sounds: Who are some of your favorite artists and can you tell us what your influences are?

Steve McGinnis: Wow, there are so many. Frank Frazetta has to be one of my all time fav’s. I read Conan as a kid and his covers were mind-blowing. I would include Frank Miller in this group too.

The Candyman

"I will always put pen to paper and my passion is horror."

Horror Metal Sounds: Do you have a favorite horror film?

Steve McGinnis: Hands down 1982’s The Thing. The effects created by Rob Bottin and his team were amazing and still stand the test of time.

Horror Metal Sounds: I understand you are a fan of heavy metal, so what bands are you into?

Steve McGinnis: I always have music on and Metal has played a big part of my life and in my art throughout my time as an artist. Black Sabbath with Ozzy, Slayer, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy and Slipknot is some of the bands I am into.

Horror Metal Sounds: What does the future hold for Steve McGinnis?

Steve McGinnis: Tons and tons of horror illustrations whether they get published or not I will always put pen to paper and my passion is horror. It’s a big plus when people enjoy it.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

Click here to see Steve's awesome Halloween poster!!

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