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Y&T with TailGun
at Count’s Vamp’d LV

It’s a semi-windy evening at Count’s Vamp’d where the music is hot and always fresh!

Tonight I am joined by my two brothers to witness the iconic, Northern California hard rock outfit, Y&T. They have been around since ’74, and sadly, due to a few members who have passed away, there have been a few changes in the lineup. Despite the trials, founder Dave Meniketti carries on with the same passion and drive that kept Y&T rocking for four decades.

Before I get into the main attraction, let me say a few words about our friends in the opening band TailGun, the local Las Vegas hard rockin’ quintet, slammed through their set with a new drummer who has only been with them a few months. He did amazingly well, all while being one with the kit and tight with the band. Dru Jaxin, vocals, has the power of two soul singers. Wrapped in western gear, he interacted with the crowd, pointing and smiling while singing about sex, booze and rock n’ roll. The dueling axe grinders, Larry Kelly and Robby “The Outlaw” G, grooved the southern jive on their Gibson Explorers. Cory Kay-Polizzi added the rock star flair with his long, black, straight hair and crystal sheen bass guitar while the new drummer, Mike Mitlyng did his thang!

TailGun always puts on a good show, keeping things fresh with new songs and lots of stage antics. One thing about this band is that they talk to you like you’re a human being. They are one of the more well known local bands, yet they don’t have rock star egos or think you’re beneath them. The music they play is blue collar, red blooded American, southern fried sleaze groove. Truly, this group of fine musicians deserves the big time, but they are content and humble being where they are. It’s an honor to know them, and for them to welcome my brothers and I as a part of the TailGun family.

“Dave Meniketti carries on with the same passion and drive that kept Y&T rocking for four decades.”

Speaking of family, all my rock n’ roll brothers and sisters were there for the show of shows; to see this amazing band Y&T on their 35th anniversary of the record Black Tiger. Meniketti and the boys fittingly started the show with a number from that album titled, “Open Fire”, which they proceeded to do for the rest of the night. Dave’s vocals and guitar technique sounded like 1985, the sounds pouring out of the amplifiers warmed the heart, and each beat of the kick drum pounded its way through your chest. The guitarist, John Nymann, had rhythm to spare, his leads were flawless, and when he doubled with Dave it was heaven! The new bassist, Aaron Leigh, played like he’d been in the band for years and his tone was thumping! Speaking of thumping, Mike Vanderhule’s drumming was INSANE! He was better than two years ago when I saw them the first time.

Y&T started promptly at 10 pm and did not stop until well after midnight. They played all the hits from their classic albums, snuck a few new tunes in there, and completed the show with more classic Y&T. I wish I had the set list, but when you can barely squeeze by to use the can, writing notes ain’t easy.

Thanks to Count’s Vamp’d for hosting another great show, and an extra special thanks to Dru, Cory, Larry, Mike, and Robby G. for being super cool and pulling us into your circle.

Tim Duran, HMS

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