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The Origins of Dead Meat: Part 2

Former heavy metal guitarist Leon Smite made a deal one fateful day; transforming him into the hideous zombie/musician/sage known as Dead Meat. Living a life of pure hell, Leon traveled in less desired circles, under the cover of night and taking to the shadows for comfort. In his twisted guise, Leon slung his guitar over his shoulder and delved into the world of occult magic; hoping to restore his former self.

On one of his recent trips into Europe, Leon tracked down a smuggler who had in his possession the famed book of Sacred Magic from Abramelin. This tome was said to have all the secret spells to which a world beyond ours would open doors to magical realms. There was one spell in particular whereupon writing down all your fears and deep hidden thoughts will allow the book to transform your desires into reality.

Leon followed the smuggler to Budapest and hatched out a diabolical plan in his mind to steal the book. Under the darken skies and rain swept winds, the Dead Meat met up with the weary traveler, reached out and wrapped his cold, dead hands around the smuggler’s throat. He choked the life out of him and tore him apart. Dead Meat then took the book from his lifeless grasp and fled into the night.

He found sanctuary in an abandoned estate that had once belonged to a cadre of fortune tellers; taking solace in a room prepared to mark the ritual of spell casting from Abramelin’s book. He placed the cursed decanter on the table, along with a few other sorted occult relics to help set the mood and then opened the book to start setting down the spell to help restore his lost humanity.

As he began to write the words, song lyrics long forgotten began to dominate his memory. It didn’t take long for him to find the spirited passion he once had as frontman for his old band Dark Corner. His mind’s eye brought an image of his youthful self into view, prompting Leon to relish the thought of playing for his fans once more. He continued to jot down various song lyrics, filling the pages very quickly; lost in rapture of reclaiming his former identity.

But unknown to him, the spell was taking shape in strange ways. Instead of transforming his tired and withered body back to supple flesh, the spell was transforming his words into a monstrous coagulation of phantasmagoric imagery. It would appear that Dead Meat was not returning to his human roots, but was rather helping to manifest a new form.

Perhaps a new tome was forming and one in which Leon would be the keeper of. He would be charged and held responsible for a book of printed thoughts chronicling the world of horror films, comic books and heavy metal. All of the subjects that Leon enjoyed as a human were now thrashing about; morphing into a testament of what Leon loved his entire adult life.

Leon’s pulse quickened, his dead flesh prickled and his mind was filled with jarring words and images. He caught quick glimpses of past tomes like the Necronomicon, E.C. Comics, Creepy, Eerie, Famous Monsters, Heavy Metal Magazine and Fangoria. These past tomes all paved the way for a future existence that Leon would now occupy. Not only would he be a zombie/musician/sage, but now he would be the chronicler of a new tome found in the pages of Horror Metal Sounds – the print magazine!

To Be Continued.

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“...the spell was taking shape in strange ways.”

The video that we posted up today allows a further glimpse into the world of Dead Meat the mascot of HMS. In fact our zombie/musician/sage will be charging full steam ahead in the coming months, and he will be bringing some news about the ambitions of Horror Metal Sounds beyond what you see in this webzine. As the video states, HMS will be heading into the world of print in 2017 and it will be a unique venture chronicling the world of horror, metal, comic books and so much more. I'm so stoked to be finally announcing this to all who join us here at the website too get your fix for horror and metal news.

The news is real and exciting things are coming down the pipe in the next several months, so all I can say is keep those fists pumping and keep it bloody my friends. More is on the way!

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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