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The Best of 2017

‘Tis the season for The Horror Show’s Best of 2017! Thanks for stopping by to check out our review team’s horror favorites. It’s been wild in 2017 and we’re happy you’ve been along for the ride with us at HMS where we were hopefully able to take your mind off some of the crazy stuff that’s happened this year with some good old-fashioned horror films.

There’s undoubtedly a few films on this list that many of you would have put on your own Best Of, and perhaps a few that will surprise you as well; maybe you haven’t even seen some of them! In any case, I hope you enjoy The Horror Show’s Best of 2017 and add some of them to your very own “to be watched” lists.

As always, make sure and follow us on Twitter @HMSounds and share The Horror Show with your horror loving friends and fam. Stick around with us, 2018 is going to be exciting and we can’t wait to keep bringing you what’s hot or not in horror!

Happy New Year to you and yours from me, PJ, Maria, and Robin, and keep on keepin’ it creepy!

– Stevie Kopas, Managing Editor, HMS

Stevie’s Top Picks

Get Out by Jordan Peele

A brilliant social commentary that packs a punch, Jordan Peele’s Get Out is probably on everybody’s Best of 2017 list. This film boasts excellent character development, a wonderful twist, and psychological horror at its best. Never taking itself too seriously, but just serious enough to get the point across, Get Out is a wonderful cocktail of comedic tropes and nods to other beloved horror films of our time. Peele handled the film with care and purpose and its no wonder it was one of the biggest horror hits of the year.

mother! by Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky knocks it out of the park once more with his latest release, mother! A modern, dramatic retelling of the classic book of Genesis blended with other tales from the Bible blossoms alongside mystery, horror, and more in this film that will leave you begging for more. Not for the casual viewer, mother! is thought provoking to say the least and a brutal, haunting reminder of the havoc humanity wreaks upon planet Earth. With stellar performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, I beg you to ignore any closed-minded negativity this film has received and experience it for yourself. Love it or hate it, it will leave its mark on you, for a forgettable film this is not.

Honorable Mention: Mayhem, by Joe Lynch

PJ’s Top Picks

The Babysitter by McG

Netflix is doing some wonderful things right now and the original film The Babysitter is one of the main reasons I make that statement. Combining gore, laughs, and heart, the film impresses to no end. The acting is fantastic, the characters endearing; McG's direction and Brian Duffield's script provide such focused work and the whole project flows beautifully. Every second I was wondering what was happening next and it all culminates in such a perfect way. Right from the start, the film pulled me in and I found myself connecting with it on every level. I understood the characters and they all had their own unique ability to add to the movie and make it something really special.

PJ’s Top Picks (continued...)

The Belko Experiment by Greg McLean

With the premise of a massive hoard of coworkers being forced to kill each other, there's no authentic way to go but nasty. The characters are all memorable and I found myself fully engaged with what was going on and hooked by the question of who, if anyone, would make it to the end. Anything can be a weapon and anyone can be taken down in brutal fashion at any time. The Belko Experiment was met with a polarizing response, but as far as I'm concerned there's no other way for it to be. It doesn't turn into some corny thriller, nor is it about banding together. It exposes the ugliness of what we are all capable of and unravels the tale of innocent folk pushed to the limits. Director Greg McLean and writer James Gunn are a perfect match in creating something truly memorable.

Honorable Mention: 3 Dead Trick or Treaters by Tori Langen

Maria’s Top Picks

Split by M. Night Shyamalan

Although it is not the stereotypical kind of movie that fits under the horror umbrella, Split is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen as of late. Intense, captivating, and powerful, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller is a must-see. James McAvoy’s performance is brilliant, proving it takes more than just gore or cliche-ridden concepts to create a terrifying character.

Jeepers Creepers 3 by Victor Salva

After more than a decade, the Creeper has resurfaced. With Jeepers Creepers being one of my favorite movies of all time, it’s no wonder Jeepers Creepers III was a 2017 highlight. Yes, it is low budget, and yes, it lacks the quality and suspense of its original part, however, the Creeper’s eerie figure and gory eating-spree were well worth the long wait.

Honorable Mention: It Comes At Night by Trey Edward Shults

Robin’s Top Picks

IT by Andrés Muschietti

IT was a pleasant surprise this year! I was very apprehensive at first. I mean, who could top Tim Curry's Pennywise? Bill Skarsgard didn't top it, but he sure made it his own. The cast made me happy; Finn Wolfhard was so funny as Richie and I loved the back and forth between him and Eddie, Jack Dylan Glazer. If I had two nit-picks it would be the over use of the modern horror movie music sting. I don't need a jarring soundtrack to tell me when to be scared. The other nitpick was the lack of character development for some of the kids. However, those nitpicks aside, this is one of my absolute favorite movies of this year.

Cult of Chucky by Dan Mancini

Cult of Chucky is the seventh movie in a franchise that has had the same writer and director from the very beginning, a rare feat in horror. This movie has no right in being this good. I mean, think about the seventh movie in other long running horror franchises. A lot of them start to get stale by part three, but in the Child's Play universe, in part three things are just getting started. It helps that the cast and crew, barring a few changes, have been there since 1988. Some of the cast that left has come back and now, with the addition of Fiona Dourif, Brad Dourif's daughter, it has truly become a family affair. Gather up your favorite dolls and spend some time with Chucky and Tiffany. You won’t regret it!

Honorable Mention: Creep 2 by Patrick Brice

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