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The Best of 2018

It’s that bittersweet time of year where everyone looks forward to the future while also reflecting on the past twelve months. Here at HMS, though, we are always excited for December as it means our Review Team gets to choose our favorite films of the year! Hopefully some of your favorites of ’18 have made the cut.

From me, PJ, Maria and Robin, thanks so much, readers, for following our reviews throughout the year. We look forward to delivering even more of what’s hot or not in horror in 2019 and beyond!

And remember, keep it creepy!

– Stevie Kopas, Managing Editor, HMS

Stevie’s Picks

A Quiet Place

A film that finally gets movie-goers to shut the hell up while watching in the cinema? Sign me up! Krasinki’s A Quiet Place deserves every bit of praise it has received. With little spoken dialogue, the constant tension and family drama combined with ferocious aliens makes for one perfectly blended horror thrill ride.

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The latest and greatest from Bad Robot is a homerun in my book. Mad scientists, nazis, inhumane experiments, and mutants run amok in this action-packed World War II horror film. A fabulous cast and glorious cinematography only make Overlord that much better, not to mention the campy charm throughout. I couldn’t have asked for a better departure from the Cloverfield series we’ve come to expect when we think of anything J.J. Abrams and horror.

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Honorable Mention: Bandersnatch

Charlie Brooker takes Black Mirror to the next level in the first, interactive feature film of the series. It’s so, so dark and meta and came out just in time to be listed amongst the greats of 2018. You can spend hours on this choose your own adventure flick, so dive in and go nuts! A full review of this film is coming in 2019, stay tuned!

PJ’s Picks

The House that Jack Built

Bold, artistic, original, daring and unafraid; The House that Jack Built rises as an absolute success in my opinion. The combination of Matt Dillon's phenomenal performance along with Lars von Trier's skillful writing and direction makes the film nothing short of brilliant. The writer/director is never interested in playing things safe and soars with this 2018 film. A full review of this film is coming in 2019, stay tuned!

PJ’s Picks (continued...)


I love me a good, violent movie that blends genres and Upgrade is this description in spades. Leigh Whannell brings his gory, intense roots to this fantastic blend of sci-fi, action, thriller and yes, horror. The story is original, the shooting style is inspired, and the whole thing has a wonderful grasp on what it is. In short, I loved every enthralling second.

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Honorable Mention: Halloween

Heavily anticipated, 2018's Halloween is exactly what I wanted it to be and deserves every bit of praise it has gotten. It's authentic and entertaining and only an “honorable mention” because after so many Halloween films at this point, a new entry is nearly impossible to stand out quite as much as a “from the ground up” film.

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Maria’s Picks


A movie well supplied with fear, Hereditary ticks pretty much all the boxes of good horror. Suspense, excellent cinematography, and captivating storyline make Ari Aster’s 2018 blockbuster striking. Not to mention Toni Collette’s outstanding performance!

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Unfriended: Dark Web

Following the 2014 laptop-based story on cyber-horror, Unfriended, Stephen Susco’s 2018 sequel boasts suspense and toys with the sinister dark web conspiracy. A movie certainly worth a watch, Unfriended: Dark Web is a surprisingly entertaining portrayal of the twisted digital world around us and the vile side of the internet.

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Honorable Mention: A Quiet Place

I couldn't help but include A Quiet Place as an honorable mention — I know it's already on this list, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else that I enjoyed as much as this. John Krasinski’s 2018 masterpiece, A Quiet Place, is spine-chilling, unsettling, and full of striking twists; rightfully a movie not to be missed.

Robin’s Picks


Mandy is my top choice for favorite movie of 2018. It's visually stunning. The story is weird and twisted. This is a pure revenge story that has been fed a steady diet of cocaine, MDMA, and shrooms. Nic Cage is in full blown wacky Cage mode. No bland acting here, it's all turbo Cage —and it is glorious. Nic Cage isn't just the only gem in this crown. The antagonist, played by Linus Roache, is magnificent! He's creepy, funny, and kind of sad. It's a wonderful balance. I cannot recommend this dark, yet colorful mindfuck enough! This is the true definition of beautiful gore. Go watch it!

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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories was a great treat. It is easily in my top ten of favorite movies. It's an anthology that centers on a man trying to disprove paranormal happenings that have never been explained. It weaves the stories together in a brilliant tale that culminates in an amazing mind-blowing ending that I had to watch twice just to absorb everything that happens. Martin Freeman is a god damned treasure, I would watch that man in anything. I sat through all three Hobbit films for him. Luckily, this movie is better than those films. Full of insanity and specters, Ghost Stories is a fun trip!

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Honorable Mention: The Haunting of Hill House

Even though this was a series and not a film, it deserves a spot on the best of ‘18 list. Not to mention there’s a whole review of the series on The Gore Spotlight you need to check out if you haven’t already.

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