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Welcome back to The Horror Show!

This is your one stop shop for finding out what's hot or not in horror. This round we've got prequels, sequels, anthologies, and more! We loved some and hated some, so let's get into who is covering what, shall we?

PJ, our resident anthology reviewer, brings you his review of "The Omnipotence of Dreams," and also covers the Tara Reid film "Party Bus to Hell."

Maria dives in to "The Houses October Built 2," a follow up to the 2014 found footage flick. Her other review this round is the supernatural film "Slumber."

Robin has the mean girl horror movie front covered with two awesome flicks from two awesome countries: America's "Tragedy Girls" and "The Debutantes" from The Philippines.

Last, but not least, this round I bring you back to where it all began in "The First Purge." My other review is more of a warning away from it than anything else, so check out my thoughts on "Inside," the unnecessary remake of the 2007 new French extremity film À l'intérieur."

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Keep it creepy, folks.

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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