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Welcome back to The Horror Show!

Our rockstar team is back to bring you our reviews and keep you up to date on what's hot or not in horror!

This week I cover two Netflix Original films that are pretty fifty/fifty. One is kidnapping tale Tau and the other is invasion flick Extinction.

Robin mixes things up a bit by reviewing an anthology of sorts with Ghost Stories. Her other review is Ruin Me, which, well... the name speaks for itself I think.

PJ joins the horror circus with his thoughts on Circus Kane and also gives us his take on the somber film The Forest of Lost Souls.

Maria rounds us out with her reviews of immigration horror flick The Most Beautiful Island as well as supernatural Don't Leave Home.

We hope you enjoy our latest batch of reviews! As always, make sure you share with your horror loving friends and fam and follow us on Twitter @HMSounds. Give the Facebook page some love and check us out on IG as well! Stay tuned for more reviews; same place, different time.

And remember, keep it creepy!

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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