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Happy Halloween and welcome to another round of what's hot or not in horror - only on The Horror Show here on HMS!

This magical, spooky time of year is upon us once more and I hope you guys are in full Halloween swing whether that be watching your favorite horror films, visiting haunted houses (with masks on, please), picking pumpkins at a safe social distance, or decorating your houses with all sorts of fun and creepy stuff!

This year is a weird year (to say the least), but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy one of the greatest holidays of the year safely and what better way to do that than binge watching some horror you may or may not have already though of giving a watch!

The team and I have a wide variety of stuff to cover from Netflix originals to Welcome to The Blumhouse to indie horror from our friends at October Coast and more! Whether they be good or bad, we're here to tell you about it, so dive on in to this round of reviews and don't forget to share with your horror loving friends and family!

Keep your eyes peeled for a Halloween featurette and stay tuned for another round of reviews coming soon! Happy Halloween and be safe with each other, not scary!

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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