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Iron Savior
Titan Craft

I first off want to start on the drums man; I will tell you this guy is extremely talented - Thomas Nack. From the pictures I have seen he has a fairly small kit but damn his bass sounds like a double bass with double peddles. I can see the peddles, so I cannot tell you for sure but just by sound...OMG!!

The guitars all scream and make you feel the driving force behind the powerful lyrics. The voice of Piet Sielck brings everything together singing with such passion and force. The one IMO that has the most force and passion is “The Way of the Blade”. The video depicts warriors in armor fighting 1 vs. many, fighting for honor and pride. The intro song of 58 secs ask a simple request for the Titancraft; “Is there anyone out there”.

While listening to this powerful Album I can hear the influence of Queensryche, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to name just a few off hand that I can think of. A newer comparison would be Kamalot and Dragon Force imo. Track two “Titancraft” drives and talks about the journey they are taking and being attacked by the machine. Track three “Way Of The Blade” is one bad ass kick ass song, but I have explained earlier so we can move on to track four “Seize The Day”; another in your face driving powerful song listening to the lyrics of these song one may ask if this is a Christian band because of the message behind these lyrics. Nothing I have found has said yes or no but you know in these days of uncertainty some positive messages from music is a good thing. Track five “Gunsmoke” seem a little off in this futuristic sword wielding saga. Still this German metal band definitely kicks some serious ass.

Iron Savior
Titan Craft
(AFM Records)
Written by: Stephen Duran
8 out of 10

Tracks 6 thru 11 brings you some just in your face metal that touches your very soul. The speeding drums and shredding guitars will melt your face off and the lyrics will reach out to touch your soul. Trust me if you just listen to Titancraft you will want to hear everything they have done to this point, I know I did. So for those of you who don’t believe metal is alive and well check this out, visit Iron Saviors' band page and official web site. Thanks for taking the time to read this humble review and remember live Love and Laugh Louder!!

Steve Duran (AKA DJ Steve-O), HMS

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