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Serpentine Dominion

Do you recall people moaning about Reign in Blood being 29 minutes long? No I don't recall that either, but I got that album on release.

Does an albums’ length affect the quality? No it doesn't. However I hear some are moaning about this album being some mere 26 minutes long. Well I'm going to set things straight here. The 26 minutes or so here are so good you won't regret buying them. I put this album in and pressed play and to say it delivers is an understatement. From opener to ending you'll be glad you got this gem in your collection. The line-up (of Lucas, Dutkiewicz, Fisher) that delivers this is a master-class in metal.

The mix of clean and death vocals is perfectly balanced here. The guitar riffs are awesome and delivered with malice; the bass crushes and the drums absolutely hold and drive this album on. Corpsegrinder delivers as always and the mix of his vocals are complimented with Adam D’s clean vocals working together perfectly.

Serpentine Dominion
Serpentine Dominion
(Metal Blade Records)
Written by: Meathook Mike
9.5 out of 10

“Intro” blends perfectly into the all-out assault of “The Vengeance in Me”; a song which would sit nicely on a Cannibal Corpse album. “Sovereign Hate” is probably my favourite song with its driving riffs and brutal vocals, and the mix of clean vocals with Corpsegrinders’ roars and growls, pushing the words into your head. “On The Brink of Devastation” equally drives things in. The melodic elements are in all the songs, but are perfectly interwoven with the heavy discordant riffs that make this album so good. The album ends on a slower note with “This Endless War”. All I can say is I hope that this album is the first of many from Serpentine Dominion.

Meathook Mike, HMS

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