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Setfire are a talented and ferociously ambitious band from Mauá, Brazil. Each of the four rage-infused tracks from their debut self-titled EP are available for FREE download on their Reverbnation page – and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this generous offer!

Setfire have elements of old school thrash in their music (the likes of Pantera, Slayer and Metallica being the obvious comparisons), but pockets of progressive arrangements can be heard throughout these hi-octane, and fairly intricate songs. Each track possesses a tempestuous flurry of energy with outstanding blazing guitar solos – particularly in “Nordeste”, but quite honestly all the instruments are expertly performed and incredibly tight.

“Envy Shit” is a powerful and direct track, and probably the catchiest. But I really like “Social Bomb” with its’ distinctly unusual rhythm and sludge-like guitar work somewhere between Voivod, Slayer and Soundgarden. With a band that’s already this tight, it’s a track like this that really stands out and shows promise of uniqueness in Setfire’s musical evolution.

The vocals, even though they are of the non-melodic and thrashy ilk, have variety (in growls, shouts and screams) with a powerful delivery that makes them interesting to listen to. They definitely add to the overall sonic voracity of Setfire’s assaulting sound.

The pacing of each track is, for most part, extremely fast. They do this well, but a bit of variation in tempo may serve them well in the context of a full album.

This EP shows great promise for Setfire to shine, even in a continent already filled with talented metal acts. I look forward to hearing more from this dynamic band.

Richard Leggatt, HMS

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