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Comin’ in Hot

It’s Van Halen, Poison, Faster Pussycat, and pure bad-assery all rolled into one great big sleaze ball. TailGun has been around for three short years, and in that time they’ve developed a fan base that packs the house wherever they play. Fronted by the incomparable Dru Jaxin, the two man guitar army, Robert E.G. and Larry Kelly, the grungy bass tones thumped by Cory Kay Polizzi, and Todd “Stickman” Turgeon on the pots and pans.

The fun starts with a song featuring the famous line we give our friends when they bum rides, “Ass, Grass or Cash” because you all know that “nobody rides for free”. Comin’ in Hot is heavy on the groove and “Gold Digger” keeps the party attitude flowing. As soon as the opening riffs open fire, these songs get the most crowd response. “Bad Ass” brings the tempo down just a touch with lyrics that pay tribute to the men and woman in the armed forces. It’s the most serious song, and it brings with it a since humbleness and gratitude. It’s a great song to play for anyone you know who’s in the Service.

Switching back to party mode, “She’s My Ride (Riding High)”, “Pocket Change” and “Cherry Bomber” are a few songs that help you empty your glass and find the nearest dance partner. TailGun gets the party started with those when they play live, and there’s no stopping the guys on stage from keeping it going.

Ending the record is the rock n roll anthem and fan favorite, “Raise Some Hell”. It’s the one that makes everybody jump and sing along - because who doesn’t like to raise a little hell? That’s a little of what to expect at a TailGun show, but you can bet that they give a fresh show every time. TailGun puts on a great act as they have fun with one another and blast through the songs. They only do original, no covers, but 100% fun.

Comin’ in Hot (and the release party review)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Downside is that the record is not as exciting as what you get at the show. Upside is that TailGun has released a fun record to turn up while cleaning house or tooling around in the car. The best thing is that after you see them at a show, you can take them with you and continue the party on your way home. Dru has awesome stage presence, Robert and Larry are the new Dynamic Duo with super hero type guitar action, Cory keeps things rumbling, and Todd is one of the most entertaining drummers whose tricks will fill you with utter joy. As someone said, “He’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen!” Comin’ in Hot is a rock em’ sock em’ record that keeps the 80’s L.A. groove/sleaze sound alive. TailGun gets a big 9.

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Tim Duran, HMS

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