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Adam Geyer is a man after my own heart. His obsessions for horror, metal and comics are copiously poured over through paints and ink. He literally takes any insane subject and makes it unique, giving his own spin on things; done the Adam Geyer way.

I like that and in fact find myself totally enamored with his diabolical creative streak. You can check out his handiwork in “The Old Shits” and “Little Ashley Taker” to see how crazy his imagination gets in comic book form. It doesn’t stop there though, as his art graces the covers of several metal bands like Frightmare, Fondle Corpse and Freddy Krueger Underwear proving how versatile of an artist he has become.

His style as I said is out there, reminding me of Simon Bisley on acid. That’s not to say he is a Bisley clone or influenced by the man at all, more so what I see at times. You may see something different; you might even recoil in disgust. I am sure everyone that views his work will elicit a unique response, but all I know is that he’s one talented motherfucker and was very accommodating for this interview.

I had the chance to speak to the artist recently to get his take on things. His work gets crazy, but upon chatting with him I found out that he’s an all-around nice guy. So skip down and read what he had to say to HMS.


HMS: So HMS is a website I launched to dedicate my passion towards horror and metal. Obviously your work reflects similar interests, so have you always been a horror and metal fan?

AG: Dig the site, it’s always a pleasure to know there’s other blood thirsty peers that won’t let the nightmare die and I thank you for letting me be part of it. As far as I remember horror was always an inspiration. The classics were there as a child and the Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees days made it much more fun. Back in the day it was easy to pick out an awesome horror movie or metal album judging by its cover.

HMS: How crazy are the thoughts running in your head on a daily basis?

AG: I’ve never thought about that. I would like to say they are ‘normal’ thoughts, but in the subjectivity of my normalcy it’s the usual cursing and hating with a sinister sense of humor most of the time. I do try to imprint them though, as much as possible, either by writing down a phrase or drawing a doodle that might later turn into a painting or even a whole story for a comic book. At least that’s how I get through the day.


HMS: What is your earliest memory of becoming attracted to the horror genre?

AG: The Bible. Man crucifying the son of God. God letting his son suffer and die as a martyr. A perverse universal God constantly watching all we do. And to do “good” or to be condemned to forever burn in ‘Hell’. The Bible is the perfect horror story that was taken too seriously by humankind; it brought Hell to the real world throughout history. And by the teachings of history, you learn the horrors of war at an early age, plus the news in general, as it is true that reality is more horrific and twisted than fiction, it boggles the mind to think of what humans are and have been capable of doing. In a way, all this kind of information was like the spark that started the fire.

HMS: Are you self-taught as an artist, or did you go to school to get some education?

AG: I’m mostly self-taught, even though I went to school to learn technique, they can’t really teach you how to draw, and you need to have an imagination of your own. Drawing became a great past time while growing up, it allowed me to escape from reality, in a sense. Nowadays you’ll find me always drawing, if I don’t draw it feels like I didn’t accomplish anything and the day went to waste.

HMS: Can you name a few horror films you find exceptional?

AG: Good thing you’re only asking for a few! I love classics that never get old, Romero, Fulci, Argento, etc., among my favorites are Day of the Dead, The Beyond, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, City of the Living Dead, Dagon. By the way, I think Stuart Gordon is a little underrated, I wish he came back to the scene, Lovecraft stories are always so difficult to portray but he always had a way with them. Even if he came back with something like ‘Edmond’ although not horror, it is one of his best films, genius at work.


"The Bible is the perfect horror story that was taken too seriously by humankind..."

HMS: Do you have any new comic work that you would like to announce, or talk about?

AG: I started a comic mini series of my own called ‘Old Shits’, it is three parts long (Issues 1-3) plus a Xmas Macabre Holiday Special entitled “A Killer Amongst Us”. The ‘Old Shits’ is a twisted little comic about a bunch of loony characters that either work or are patients at ‘Southland Senior Care Center’, an old folks home. It is like the ultimate doomed placed where people die in the most evil yet comical way. The humor is very dark, borderline tasteless if you may, but ridiculously effective. The first issue started as a joke but I loved the direction it was taking so I got more invested in it thus the art improving with every issue. I’m also working on the second issue of my self-published comic Little Ashley Taker, although this time it will be inked and not fully painted like the 1st issue, the character will encounter new foes and fiends that will radically change to a more over the top violence and gore atmosphere. I’m taking no prisoners!

HMS: How about upcoming metal covers. I know you are doing the Cropsy Maniac piece and is there anything else you have in the works?

AG: At of this moment I don’t have any other metal covers lined up. Mostly focusing on my own projects but I’m always open to work other commissions, it’s always refreshing to work with other people’s ideas, that helps dissipate my mind. So, if any of your minions reading this needs a commission feel free to contact me and let’s see some black magic happen.

HMS: Does music play an important part of the creative process when you are working on a new piece?

AG: Yeah, for sure. In the sense that I always have something playing in the background when I’m working. It makes the art flow easier, more enjoyable. So does the beer.

HMS: Favorite metal band?

AG: I have quite a few favorites, call it my ‘staple’ bands that I love, in no particular order, Belphegor, Behemoth, Hypocrisy, Bathory, Monster Magnet, Judas Priest… the list could go on. It does depend much in the mood I’m for.


HMS: Finally, what dream project would you be dying to work on?

AG: I think I’m already working on my dream projects (Little Ashley Taker and Old Shits) sans the dream part which would be to have them published professionally and have them turned into international acclaimed animated shows spreading the horror and depravity, taking the world by the nuts and having the censors spinning their heads off while I lock myself in a room with my horror and metal without worrying about anything else but my own creations.

Check out Adam’s website for more info about his work.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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