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The Essence of Being Macabre

I was recently contacted by artist Cierra Rowe; who maintains a humble existence working and living in rural America. She has a unique vision of the macabre and as soon as I took a gander at her blog I realized how much her artistic sense took shape on the canvas and in the form of her art prints. The Impact is immediate and there is a sense of dread, uneasiness and the gothic grandiose of imagery will hit you square in the face.

But before I go on blathering like a swooning idiot, let me stop here and let Cierra speak about her work. I am hoping this interview will raise Cierra’s profile; at least alerting all our HMS readers that she is here and committed to her craft. So with that being said…take it away…Cierra!

HMS: I first wanted to say that I love the tagline on your blog. Obviously you love the macabre, so let’s start there. How did your love for the macabre begin?

Cierra Rowe: Thank You! I think the macabre found me; years ago, when I couldn’t find a place to fit in, just aimlessly passing by as a piece without a section. I folded in on myself, and became lost. Instead of contemplating first dates, fucking and sleepovers I was thinking about death, demons, taboos and things that weren't usually talked about. Living indefinitely in a world of my own, I didn't have friends. I was an outcast (and still am), so I guess the macabre served as my companion.

HMS: What other working artists do you consider weird or morbid? Any favorites?

CR: I don't usually look at other artists' work. I'm so preoccupied with my own and I can’t seem to veer off into other artist's domain. Even though I don't follow any particular artists, I can still commend their skill and works, when I come across them.

HMS: One of your more recent prints – “Bloodline” really caught my eye. What comes to mind is art nouveau, and I was wondering how conscious you are of that influence in your work?

CR: I'm glad it caught your eye! I’m actually not familiar with art nouveau. My husband and I discuss art styles and forms, but I don’t think we ever elaborated on that particular style. I guess you could say I’m not conscious of it at all. To put it bluntly, I never studied the styles of art, I just draw and it happens. Nevertheless it always makes me smile hearing someone interpret the style or subject of my art. Most of my art is multi-faceted, but I rarely tell what my art truly means.

HMS: I was taken aback by the sheer power of your oil panting “Antichrist”; can you tell me what was going through your mind when you began the process of painting this?

CR: Thank you. I was emotional. I have bouts of ''unstableness'' but it isn’t because I’m female...well it probably is but that’s beside the point (haha). At the time I was working on a commissioned sunset oil painting and fucked that up completely, so then my anxiety kicked in; I was panicking, I was stressed, and completely overwhelmed, it was just one of those days. I got my oil paint - I smeared the hell out of the stretch canvas I was using, and decided to just paint. I rarely use brushes when oil painting, they're way too expensive to replace and they stifle my flow. I butchered that sunset and made a face and ''Antichrist'' was born. (Just for the record, I redid the commissioned sunset oil painting on a different stretched canvas, and the buyer loved it.)


“I think the macabre found me; years ago, when I couldn’t find a place to fit in.”

HMS: You offer a number of art prints for sale, so can you tell me how the process has been going with the prints?

CR: The prints are very well liked and received for the most part, but I'm not established and being an unknown artist has its setbacks. Sometimes no one can see what you're able to offer, unless you have the proper platform or connections to advertise. Occasionally it gets to a point where I question my efforts, my time, my sanity, wondering if I'm ever going to triumph over what I'm trying so hard to accomplish. On the other hand, I frequently have people who come to me on my twitter (@CierraKillerArt) and tell me how much they like this print or that painting, and I always smile on that. It's a reassurance. My art prints are all traditionally made, traditional in the sense that they aren't digital. I draw out my images with pencil, pen and paper, paint it, let it dry, scan the image with my scanner and print it on Glossy Photo Paper (8.5 x 11). It can be time consuming, but it's worth the effort. I ship all my art Worldwide, with shipping in the USA being free on all prints. I not only offer prints, but I also offer tote bags, and paintings of different sizes, all with the option of being customized. I did a Charles Manson as Jesus painting for a buyer not too long ago, I named it ''Messiah Manson'' and he loved it.

HMS: Do you have a favorite horror film?

CR: Well I definitely don’t have just one, that’d be impossible! But to name a few of my favorites: Salem’s Lot, The Blair Witch Project, Jeepers Creepers, Audition, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Exorcist, The Strangers, The Collector and Goodnight Mommy come to mind (but I have many more). They all have that sinister feeling that something is not right...I ache for the suspense and I am a total suspense junkie (bring out the popcorn!).

HMS: What future projects do you have in mind? Anything you wish to talk about?

CR: I do have something new I am working on, though, I wouldn’t want to draw attention to it before I have it completed; I guess that's typical artist paranoia. Aside from that, I am thrilled to start on my upcoming experimental paintings. These paintings will come in an array of colors and themes and may also be slightly different from my other paintings. All being good and well, I'm considering offering these paintings as art prints, but I'm unsure as of today. I should also put it out there that I'm always open to complete commissions, both prints and paintings, for anyone who contacts me, so don't hesitate to contact me - Serious inquiries only please! In the meantime, for updates or to browse my art, please visit my blog you might just find something you like.

HMS: Check her out folks!

CR: Thank You so much for giving me this opportunity, Ken. I can't wait to see what comes of it :)

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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