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Netflix and Kill:
What to Stream on Halloween

It comes as no surprise that I love Halloween! As someone that doesn't have kids, when Halloween falls in the middle of the week I usually just hand out candy and watch scary movies. This year Netflix has you covered with a ton of original movies and binge-worthy series that are super spooky. Here's a quick run down of the tricks and treats Netflix is handing out.

Netflix has always been pretty good with the series they've produced. From the Netflix MCU to Orange is the New Black to Stranger Things, Netflix has given its subscribers quality programs. This spooky season I have found three I think are perfect for a Halloween binge!

The first series I want to talk about is Haunted. This is a collection of true stories told thru first person accounts and reenactments. It's only six episodes long and they're not what you would expect. This show is seriously heavy. The first four episodes deal with abuse. I went in expecting spookies, I got some hardcore issues. If you are more in the mood for real life horrors with a supernatural hook then Haunted is perfect for you.

The next series was just released yesterday and I binged it in one day just to get to write about it. I have no life. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina isn't the teenage witch of the nineties. There's less bad cat puppets and more worshiping Satan. It's from the same universe as Riverdale and based on the comic which has that dark feel. This is not for the little ones. Maybe watch the original one on Hulu with them. This is a very adult Sabrina. I loved it. It's a spooky “teen” drama that has an amazing cast. It is highly recommended!

“Netflix has always been pretty good with the series they've produced.”

The final series was the one that worried me when it was announced. I have been a huge fan of the book The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson for years. I love both of the movie adaptations. I still watch the 1963 version of The Haunting every year around this time. I also have a weird love for Lily Taylor so the nineties version will get watched too. You can see why I was concerned about the series. How do you take this story and turn it into a series? It's an almost perfect ghost story! The series did not disappoint. It told a narrative that I did not expect. It had a quiet air about it which is rare in horror. You felt for these people. They dealt with the supernatural while battling the real life demons families go thru. It was really moving in some parts. I'm not going to lie, I teared up at some parts. The Haunting of Hill House is how a modern day ghost story should be done. This one is my number one pick for a Halloween stream!

If series don't get your apples bobbing there is a vast array of horror movies that Netflix is offering up. They've been nailing the movie production recently! I would do a run down of all the movies but I think this article has gone on long enough! Trust me, check out some of the of the new offerings or dig thru the horror section for some ghoulish oldies. Don't be afraid of randomly picking something. Sometimes you'll find that full sized candy bar among the no name jawbreakers and weird waxy chewy things. Just be warned, you could end up with a bag of flaming dog poo.

Netflix has a lot to offer but if you can't find anything to scare you, check out Hulu, Amazon Prime, or even Shudder! Curl up with your spooky, scary skeletons, grab your candy cauldron, turn off the lights, and enjoy!

Have a very happy Halloween, my darlings!

Robin Thompson, HMS

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