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Toys for Halloween 2018

If you are a devoted collector of horror toys and action figures, then get ready to feast your eyes on some of the latest goodies arriving just in time for the ghoulish season. This year both Funko and Neca toys deliver the goods to collectors and horror fans alike; allowing one to really sink their teeth into a series of really fun toys and adult collectibles.

Let’s start with Funko and check out their throwback series to the 5.5 barbarian inspired figures of the 80’s called Savage World. What instantly comes to mind is stuff like He-Man and Remco toy products that gave kids thrilling hours and hours of muscle bound action/play. I think the idea of taking the popular slasher characters of 80’s cinema and meshing them with those classic toy sensibilities is a stroke of genius.

The set includes 5 figures and each comes with a few accessories to exemplify what that killer stood out for.

So you get Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. He comes with a sword and ax brandished out of bone; presumably made from one of his victims.

Next up is Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His interchangeable chainsaw and mallet port nicely into his right hand.

Then comes Michael Myers from Halloween: Resurrection. He sports dual carving knives for maximum damage to his next helpless victim.

No series would be complete without Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. He comes with his signature metal claw hand which is removable.

Lastly we have the majestic Pinhead from Hellraiser: Hell on Earth. He comes with his lament configuration puzzle box and two nasty blades to rip open the flesh of his victim.

These figures have arrived in stores now, or you can order from funko.com by clicking on the pics

Now moving over to Neca toys and checking out their latest figure from the retro cloth line comes Captain Blake. This ghastly figure was front and centre in John Carpenter’s The Fog and the folks at Neca did a fantastic job of bringing him to life in action figure form. It features light-up eyes, tattered fabric and also comes with a cutlass and scabbard.

The cardback piece displays amazing cover art from Devon Whitehead of Cavity Colors and it says on the front ages 17 and up. I would say this is definitely for the adult collector and you won’t find a better piece this year from any other toy company.

The big drawback is that it has been reported that some buyers have had issues with the batteries for the light up feature in the eyes. I’ve heard reports that some of the figures start out fine, but within hours the battery drains out too quickly. Not sure what Neca intends to do about it, but it does spoil what is arguably one of their better figures from this line.

Click on the images for more details from necaonline.

Before we end this review, let me also point out the return of the famed Mego Corporation. That classic 70’s toy line has been revived for several waves of 8 inch figures. I recently purchased Frankenstein’s monster featuring 14 points of articulation. This is turning out to be a sought after piece which you can only get exclusively from Target in the US. Click on the Frankie photo for info about Mego.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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