The Horror Show

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We do apologize for the late posting of the next round of reviews for the Horrorshow. Sometimes life gets in the way, but regardless we here at HMS strive to bring you timely reviews as much as possible.

Our esteemed Managing Editor is taking a break this round, so as Editor-in-chief, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the next round of horror film reviews from my devoted staff.

We have a review of the latest installment in the Blair Witch franchise, a review for Christmas Horror story and a review for the highly anticipated film from Canadian director Torin Langen; who's film 3 Dead Trick Or Treators debuted earlier in the Blood In the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival run by the ever popular Kelly Michael Stewart.

There's plenty more to be read, so without further fanfare let's get to the reviews! Remember, keep those raised fists pumping and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-In-Chief HMS

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