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Welcome, gals and guys, to another round of what's hot or not in horror!

We're back at it again with a new batch of reviews from your favorite review team. This round we have two advanced screeners as well as some recent theatrical releases among others.

I tell the truth and then dare you to read it in my review of "Truth or Dare." What... too corny? My other review this round is the Irish zombie gem, "The Cured," starring Ellen Page.

Maria gives us her opinion on Helen Mirren film "Winchester" as well as the mother/daughter road trip gone awry flick "The Monster."

PJ delivers his thoughts on the pleasantly surprising "The Grave Callers" and the not-so-original "Karpenter." Halloween, anyone?

Lastly, Robin rounds us out by warning you away from "Evolution of Evil" and singing the praises of "Nails," currently out on Netflix.

You know the drill by now. Give us a like on Twitter @HMSounds and then make sure and share the reviews with any horror lovers you know! They'll thank you for turning them on to us later. Make sure and keep your eyes peeled for our next batch of reviews, and in the meantime, why not browse our archives for any reviews you might have missed?

Keep it creepy!

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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