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Welcome back to an all new round of what's hot or not in horror, only on The Horror Show!

This round we have all sorts of films to either entertain or put you to sleep, but I'll let you read and decide what to watch for yourselves!

I cover Jordan Peele's highly anticipated second film, Us, as well as the newest Stephen King remake, Pet Sematary.

PJ delivers his thoughts on American Terror Story (original name, right?) and also the indie film Soldier of War.

Robin's got reviews on indie Slenderman, but also not Slenderman movie, Flay. Her other review this round is the lackluster Uma Thurman film, Down A Dark Hall.

Maria rounds us out this week with The Clovehitch Killer, the serial killer film with really no killing, and The Secret of Marrowbone starring George MacKay.

We hope you dig this round of what's hot or not in horror! Don't forget to share our reviews with your horror loving friends and fam, and give us a follow on Twitter @HMSounds! Give the old Facebook page a like and don't forget to subscribe to Horror Metal Cast on YouTube!

Check out the reviews and let us know what you think!

Keep your eyes on us for more reviews coming soon, but until next time...

Keep it creepy!

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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