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What We Become
by Bo Mikkelsen

I like foreign films, I like outbreak films, and I like zombie films, so when I came across the Danish zombie outbreak film, What We Become, naturally I was excited.

The movie focuses on a family and their neighbors living in a small community and I enjoyed that the first twenty minutes or so of the film is spent on developing the main characters enough to where they each get their own individual voice. A flu is spreading rapidly through Denmark and things quickly spiral out of control once the virus reaches this small town. As usual the government makes an appearance, quarantining everyone, but that never works out as planned. Bad decisions are made and though a lot of the film was predictable, I found that I enjoyed the overall story and the way things played out.

The entire film was shot well and the environment, such a close group of survivors with drama unfolding, felt realistic and intimate. The end of the world is never an easy pill to swallow for characters in films such as this, especially when it comes down to family.

There are few moments of gore and the actual horror aspect of What We Become is a bit overshadowed by drama, but there is definitely enough tension and the survival-thriller aspect of the film greatly makes up for the lack of scares.

While this may not be the best zombie film to hit the market, it’s far better than most that I’ve seen recently. The actors and actresses hit their mark and the end wraps things up nicely while still leaving certain character fates open for a sequel if Bo Mikkelsen should find himself wanting to make one.

If you’re looking for an action-packed zombie film that overdoses on gore and violence then this may not be the film for you, but if you’re looking for a horror-drama that greatly intensifies and develops into a thriller as the film goes on, then I would definitely give this a watch. I think fans of the zombie genre will agree.

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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