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Lita Ford
Time Capsule

Since the mid 70’s, Lita Ford has been wielding a fiery six stringed axe. Starting her journey with The Runaways (76-78) then striking out on her own in 1983. She has been breaking laws on the hard rock road that Nancy Wilson (Heart) paved for women who play guitar.

Lita’s style screams metal; her voice relaxes you as she cuts you in two with her B.C. Rich Warlock guitar that bares her signature Black Widow bow tie. She has Patrick Kennison on guitar, Bobby Rock on drums, and Marty O’Brian are the players in the band that crash through walls.

The record opens with three deep, emotional power ballads that give you a taste of where she’s been. “Where Will I find My Heart”,” Killing Kind”, and “War of Angels” let you peek inside Lita’s soul as in all her writings she wears her heart on her sleeve, and that draws you in to feel the music and hear her story.

The sound progresses to bluesier, beefy tones for “Black Leather Heart” and “Rotten to the Core”. These tunes show that Lita is no softy, and she’s not afraid of you or what you think of her. Another mellow bluesy tune that has been covered by many, but mastered by one is Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”. Here, the lead guitarist attempts the song with a fuzz style instrumental version. The drummer nails a few parts and the bassist throws in some gnarly riffs. It’s about the same length as the original version (give or take) and fades out the same, keeping the Jimi vibe.

Lita Ford
Time Capsule
Written by: Tim Duran
7 out of 10

Back to the hard rock groove of things is “On the Fast Track”. Straight and to the quick, this song grabs and rattles you for over three minutes. Slowing for another little break, the ballad “King of the Wild Wind” sails in. Lita hits highs like she always has and with NO auto-tune! It has a nice grungy ending too. “Mr. Corruption” gets a Hollywood sleaze sound with lots of serpentine groove and a Beatlesque breakdown before slamming the end. “Anything for the Thrill” ends a most excellent record. This one is fast, furious and spins you on a high speed ride while you hang out the window.

Downside is “Little Wing”. Upside is how the record starts and finishes. Three power ballads up front leading into hard rockers, a mellow ballad stuck in the middle, and a punchy little ditty to drive you off a cliff at the end. Well done, Lita Ford and friends. I give Time Capsule a perfect 7.

Tim Duran, HMS

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