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Killer Interviews and Show Reviews!

Welcome to the Lunatic's Serenade, where you will find the latest and greatest interviews from the people who make Heavy Metal happen. Not only do we cover the underground metal scene across the globe, but we also review shows in our own backyard. So be sure to check out our concert reviews of some great bands that have played Toronto and the surrounding area - and maybe even find out when they'll be back!

HMS Sketch Of The Day on Facebook and Twitter

Our editor and creator Kenneth Gallant and myself are not only avid Heavy Metal fans... we're also working artists. And we're always keen on presenting our take on the Heavy Metal and Horror genres in the most creative ways possible. So click on the Facebook or Twitter icons below and catch our Horror/Metal themed "sketch of the day". Check us out on Facebook or Twitter, and if you're an artist or musician of the Horror or Metal persuasion then we want to hear from you!

Richard Leggatt, HMS