Kenneth Gallant is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Ken originated the webzine as a column (on another Heavy Metal webzine) that paid homage to horror films incorporating the theme, or a soundtrack, of heavy metal music. embodies his passion for horror films, comics and heavy metal music.

Ken is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has worked as a freelance writer since the mid 90's and, in more recent times, has written for,, The Metal Pit and Fangoria Magazine. He also works as a freelance illustrator from time to time, and has created cover and logo art for numerous Heavy Metal acts.

Ken formed Spider Gun Productions with Richard Leggatt in 2009. He has written, directed and produced four short online horror films. In addition to running, the pair continues to develop film concepts and music videos.


Horror Metal Sounds' Managing Editor, Stevie Kopas, is the Jersey Girl turned Floridian, raised on a healthy mix of good music, horror culture, and post-apocalyptic media. Stevie is a caffeine addict, an avid gamer, and yes - she thinks Xbox is better than Playstation. Stevie is also the author of The Breadwinner Trilogy, the Amazon bestselling Dystopian series and she has written several short, horror stories for the charity horror anthology At Hell's Gates. Stevie enjoys talking all things horror and being internet stalked on Twitter @ApacoTaco, Facebook or through email at Be sure to check out her official site at


My name is Tim Duran and am here because Ken Gallant invited me from LinkedIn to do some music reviews. I have been a metal fan since 1983. I grew up on Tom Petty, Queen and the Eagles. I was raised on Megadeth, Metallica, Death Angel, Anthrax, Dio and Testament....but my first heavy rock shows were Stryper, in 1984 and Triumph/KEEL in 1986. I am also a bass player. I have played from 1988-1994 with my good friend Darrell Gossett (a great axe man). I was also the bassist for a "cow-punk" (acoustic punk) outfit Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band for about three years and played on the worship team at my church from 2007-2012.


Mark Slade has appeared in anthologies Tales of the undead: Undead in Pictures, Hell Whore 2 and 3, Diabolic Tales III. In 2013 Horrified press released a Six Gun and the Queen of Light and in 2014 Death Throes released Hellspeak. He lives in Williamsburg, VA with his wife, daughter, and a Pomeranian that uses mind control on humans. Contact info:


Maria is a born and bred Greek, who recently left her beautiful and sunny homeland to become a journalist in London. She is currently completing her Master’s program, but never misses a chance for some good horror.

The first horror movie she recalls watching (secretly) is The Fly, when she was probably at the age of 6 and that’s the time when her horror movie obsession began. From grotesque splash movies to the eerie paranormal, Maria thinks that the only thing better than a review of a great film, is a scathing review of a really bad one. However, her goal is to offer good (or even, great) choices, as she has spent most of her innocent and carefree childhood watching maniacs and freaky ghosts.


Ryan M. Andrews is a horror filmmaker who has written and directed the films: "Save Yourself", "Sick Survive The Night" and "Black Eve", among others. When he's not focused on his films or his family, his life is all about heavy music which has been a passion of his since before he started school. At a young age, he was introduced to music by Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Screammin' Jay Hawkins and it was this style of shock rock that first fueled his interest in creating horror. A decade of music lessons later and inspired by a new wave of shock rock artists like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, Andrews put his focus on making movies, but still has a passion for all things heavy and loves to share his metal findings with the world. From Tool to the Butcher Babies, Andrews looks at it from and appreciates it for, the art form that is metal.


Richard Leggatt is the Art Director/Editor for He is a multimedia artist who, like Ken, graduated from OCAD in the early 90's. Rich has worked as a freelance illustrator, comic book artist, costume and prop designer, graphic designer for print and web, motion graphics designer and video editor.

His designs have been featured in, and on the covers of, comics, novels, magazines, websites and various corporate marketing materials and his costume and prop designs have appeared in several films and television shows.

Rich is the co-creator of Spider Gun Productions, handling the aspects of creature, prop and costume design as well as cinematography and editing.


P.J. Griffin, a native of Connecticut, developed a love for film and the horror genre at a young age. Obsessed with the cult/horror section of his local video store, he knew then that it would be a central part of his life. Gore, mayhem, and depravity, from the glow of the TV screen, became like an anxiety pill after a hard days work. He attended the New York Film Academy filmmaking program and became part of his first production company. He currently does freelance script revising for passed associates and is in the process of producing web content for a production company he has co-founded. He is also working on finalizing several projects including a horror/comedy novel.


Kelly Kereliuk is the guitarist for the Hamilton-based metal band PRISMIND, as well as NEGUS (featuring Steve Negus/ex-SAGA). A guitarist for over 30 years and an instructor for almost 25, he’s also been involved in many recording sessions in many different styles over the years. Kelly looks to bring a bit of technique and theory insight to the guitar playing readers of Horror Metal Sounds, in hopes to help players carve out their sound and style.


Robin Thompson was born and raised in a small mountain town in North East Georgia. She was brought up in a very liberal household. Her parents fed her a steady diet of horror, comedy, and science fiction. Her mother let her read Cujo at the age of 5. Her father took her to see Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare just so she could experience her favorite franchise in 3D. As a teenager while all her girlfriends wanted to watch Dirty Dancing she was the weird girl in the corner clutching her copy of Pieces hoping someone would be interested in murder and mayhem. Now as an adult she gets her kicks by playing video games for people on YouTube and writing reviews about her one true love, horror movies.


They call him Dead Meat for a reason. His long strands of greasy stained hair conceals much of his decaying visage, but when the metal riffs are sounded, his head snaps back and the fists begin pumping into the air. He might be dead, but he can surely headbang with the best of them. Heavy metal is his mantra.

Dead Meat has no apparent family history, nor does he know where his past lies. All he remembers is crawling out of his hole in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery and wandering the streets searching for that ever elusive mega riff. He can be found here at Horror Metal Sounds, pouring his guts out – literally and acting like the head cheese for the site. Just stay out of his way because he might eat your brains out, what with him being a zombie and all.