Written In Blood

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So it shall be written...

Growing up in the 80's afforded this scribe the opportunity to read some truly outstanding works of fiction. The horror market was alive and kicking and the decade gave birth to some truly great authors. Guys like Clive Barker burst onto the scene with his genre defining series The Books of Blood that catapulted him to stardom at a really young age. His short stories ran the gamut of sex, death and piled on heaping amounts of gore to push him to the forefront of the literary heap. Then there was Robert R. McCammon's Blue World which set new standards in regards to how short stories were told and of course we cannot forget Poppy Z. Brite's collection called Wormwood. All these authors helped to set standards with short story writing and with this in mind, HMS is following in the foot steps of these distinguished authors with a brand new feature called - Written in Blood.

Our goal here is to publish short horror fiction on a monthly basis, starting with the inaugural tale of surrealistic horrors called Snap Fingers, by yours truly. In the coming months you will be seeing other pieces by columnist Mark Slade and some contributions by our Managing Editor Stevie Kopas. From there we intend to open the doors to other writers, so with that in mind we will accepting submissions and you can write to us here at HMS for more details on how to submit a short story for consideration. We look forward to seeing your contributions, so let's get this party started.

I want to welcome you all to Written in Blood and hope these stories will scare the pants off you. It may get your heart racing and your blood pumping, but isn't a good story supposed to do that? I would surely would hope so, as I sign off here - remember to keep those fists pumping and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-in-chief HMS