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Don’t Look Back
by Jeffrey Reddick

Caitlin Kramer, a woman overcoming a tragic past, is among several people who see a man being fatally assaulted. When the witnesses start dying mysteriously, she must unearth if they’re being targeted

This was a movie I enjoyed. The acting is decent quality and the plot wasn’t outrageous. After Caitlin, who had gone through a very traumatic event herself several months before, goes for a run in the park, she witnesses a man being attacked and brutally beaten. While she freezes due to her past trauma, there are several other witnesses who all do nothing and, unfortunately, the victim ends up dying.

When they all begin to die, are they being haunted by the ghost of the man they didn’t help or someone out for revenge? With quality special effects and a storyline that kept me interested, this one is worth a watch. This definitely gave me a Final Destination vibe (and it is actually from the same creator). I was not expecting the ending which is always a good thing. I give this one 6/10.

HMS received a screener of this film in exchange for honest review. Don’t Look Back is available on VOD.

Lisa Forlow, HMS

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