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The Faceless Man
by James Di Martino

Emily is a recovering cancer survivor of three years. Faced with her fear of getting sick again, her best friend Nina plans a weekend away. Cut off from the rest of the world, they soon learn the inhabitants are unsettling individuals who terrorize and humiliate travelers. At the same time, a para-normal monster seen as the faceless man haunts the house, pushing the friends to their limits.

I tried really hard to like this movie. The premise was good, but the acting and effects were just hard to watch. It truly felt like someone took a lot of thoughts and just threw them all together. The beginning scene at the hospital, what did that have to do with anything else in the movie other than introducing the character? It felt unnecessary and like a filler.

I never understood what the “monster” was and how it fit into the story since everything seemed to revolve around the town and their ideals. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this as it is too jumbled and disorganized to be enjoyable.

HMS received a screener of this film in exchange for honest review. The Faceless Man is available on demand now.

Lisa Forlow, HMS

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