New from Spidergun Productions
New from Spidergun Productions

New and exciting projects from Spidergun Productions

Welcome to the Spider's Lair.

Dead Meat and the gang decided to include this new corner to the HMS website to honour the crafty side of Spider Gun Productions. Long before HMS was born there was Spidergun; a multi media company formed to create props and short experimental films.

Initially, the company was going to produce several maquettes based on the works of Dante's Inferno. Of course that just spiralled into a trio of short horror films starting with The Strange Case of Daniel Brannon, Ophidian and finally Regression.

To make a long story short, Spiderun eventually morphed into Horror Metal Sounds. Sure, the focus is a bit different, but the running theme of horror films ties both brands together.

Nowadays, SG has gone back to making highly detailed and one of a kind maquettes, so we're going to be showcasing some of that creativity from time to time in this section.

This week we will take a look at a few creepy concepts. Most of these creatures have been culled from fantastical and mythological stories. All the sculptures were scratch built utilizing spray foam and various repurposed found objects. I suppose these one of kind sculptures could be used in various short stories and film ideas and each week we will focus on the origins of each build. For now we just wanted you all to have a sneak peek into this marvellous new world of Gods and Monsters.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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Kenneth Gallant is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has worked as a freelance writer since the mid 90's and, in more recent times, has written for Blistering.com, DeadRhetoric.com, The Metal Pit and Fangoria Magazine. He also works as a freelance illustrator from time to time, and has created cover and logo art for numerous Heavy Metal acts.

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