Kenneth Gallant, EIC

Kenneth Gallant is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of horrormetalsounds.com. Ken originated the webzine as a column (on another Heavy Metal webzine) that paid homage to horror films incorporating the theme, or a soundtrack, of heavy metal music. Horrormetalsounds.com embodies his passion for horror films, comics and heavy metal music.

Ken is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has worked as a freelance writer since the mid 90's and, in more recent times, has written for Blistering.com, DeadRhetoric.com, The Metal Pit and Fangoria Magazine. He also works as a freelance illustrator from time to time, and has created cover and logo art for numerous Heavy Metal acts.

Ken formed Spider Gun Productions with Richard Leggatt in 2009. He has written, directed and produced four short online horror films. In addition to running horrormetalsounds.com, the pair continues to develop film concepts and music videos.

Richard Leggatt, Art/IT Director

Richard Leggatt is the Art Director/IT Director for horrormetalsounds.com. He is a multimedia artist and front-end developer who, like Ken, graduated from OCAD in the early 90's. Rich has worked as a freelance illustrator, comic book artist, costume and prop designer, graphic designer for print and web, motion graphics designer and video editor.

His designs have been featured in, and on the covers of, comics, novels, magazines, websites and various corporate marketing materials and his costume and prop designs have appeared in several films and television shows.

Rich is the co-creator of Spider Gun Productions, handling the aspects of creature, prop and costume design as well as cinematography and editing.

Tim Duran, Music Journalist

I was introduced to Rock n Roll as a baby. I was bottle fed Pink Floyd and Larry Norman, cut my teeth on Black Sabbath and Daniel Amos, and went through puberty on The Big Four and Stryper.

I studied under RIP Magazine and infused what I learned from Lonn Friend and his writers into what I pen down.

I like moonlit nights and long walks off short piers.

Meathook Mike, Music Journalist

Meathook Mike is a UK based music fan and musician. He is the vocalist for UK Thrash/Thrashcore band Cerebral Scar and his previous bands were Winter of Torment, Liquified Skeleton and Meat Train where he was the Guitar / Vocalist.

Having a wide range in his taste of Heavy music Mike listens to bands from AC/DC to ZZ TOP, Testament to Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and a large number of extreme bands on the underground scene. Mike supports the Underground scene as he believes in order for the music scene (all music) to continue to thrive people need to get to the clubs and pubs to "discover" the wealth of the new up and coming bands out there.

Robin Thompson, Columnist & Film Critic

Robin Thompson was born and raised in a small mountain town in North East Georgia. She was brought up in a very liberal household. Her parents fed her a steady diet of horror, comedy, and science fiction. Her mother let her read Cujo at the age of 5. Her father took her to see Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare just so she could experience her favorite franchise in 3D.

As a teenager while all her girlfriends wanted to watch Dirty Dancing she was the weird girl in the corner clutching her copy of Pieces hoping someone would be interested in murder and mayhem. Now as an adult she gets her kicks by playing video games for people on YouTube and writing reviews about her one true love, horror movies.


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