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Winnipeg’s own Endless Chaos has released a three song EP as a free download to whet your appetite for a future full length release. Essentially what you get is a template of fierceness, built upon abrasive and in your face death/thrash metal. The songs are short, but brimming with sharp tones and culling together a blackened death atmosphere, guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

I sense good things are in the works with this outfit, given their penchant for blending all forms of extremity. The opening track “Rejected Atrocity” brings the hammer down quickly, relying on an infusion of blackened/thrash riffs reminding me of Skeletonwitch. The track is never boring and as quickly as it ends, “Sacrificial Ritual” roars to life and follows to a similar torrid pace. Vocalist Jordan Dorge sounds like a rabid dog, spitting out the words with a vengeance and sounding like a pissed off version of Mille Pretozza. The singer exudes a maniacal attitude and barks along to the beautiful blend of thrash, death and black metal riffs. He sounds so brutal on the final track “Condemned to the Pit” and it’s a killer cut through and through, continuing on in the same pattern.

Endless Chaos has definitely piqued my curiosity. If the three songs on this EP are any indication of what we are to expect on a full length release, then I am chomping at the bit for this. Even better is the fact that the songs were inspired by the horror film classic Re-Animator, so what’s not to like about this.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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