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Stop, drop and roll for some techno-metal by Seek Irony. Take some techno dance effects, wrap it up with some dirty rhythms and add a singer you don't have to fight to understand and you get "Tech n' Roll". The debut album by these dudes from Tel Aviv, Israel is full of energy, punchy guitars and attitude.

Speaking of attitude, let's begin with tracks 1and 2 -"She" and "Tech n' Roll" jump at you full force with early Ministry beats and chunky rhythm. The fun continues with the battering ram called "Devil in Me" and the ultra-groovy "Skin 2 Skin" will get under your epidermis with its technofied intro and beats that make you wanna pop some ecstasy and watch the hand trails.

"When You Lie" continues to drop the bass and fill your ears with all kinds of heaviness. The keys in this one I especially enjoyed. And you will enjoy when they play some funky music in "Running Towards The End Of The World". You will get down! Speaking of getting down, how "Low" can YOU go? I guess you'll find out at the end of this song - while your figuring stuff out, "Peel Me Away" will get the blood flowing and the aggression rising.

Learn the new dance of destruction to the tune of "Ravelution Push". It's like a "rave" with a mosh pit! So put on a helmet, some neon tights and flip that black light on! Then "Tragically Driven" takes you back to the underground sound but add more flash and anger. Ending this psycho-delic mind trip is a post metal/Alice in Chains grunge fest - Channeling the late, great Lane Staley, the singer belts out a heart-felt mid-tempo pseudo ballad.

Downside is it has some beats that are the same in some songs, but they are spaced out far enough that it's not mundane. Upside is that despite some repeated beats, the songwriting is strong enough to pull you in with every number. So look out Ministry, this Techno-metal act just might blow you away! I give 'em a 9!

Tim Duran, HMS

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