Cobrakill: Serpent's Kiss

Serpent's Kiss

Frontiers Music
Released: 1/19/2024

When this release was submitted to me for review I was surprised as my musical tastes, though varied over many genres of the various heavy metal styles out there, tend to lean more to the heavier side of things. That being said having grown up in the 80's I have a soft spot for a lot of the 80's heavy metal bands that Cobrakill are obviously influenced by. If you like bands such as Dokken, Wasp, Judas Priest and more specifically early Motley Crue then I'm sure you'll find something on this album that will effectively float your boat.

Kicking things off with it's very typical 80's metal riffing, choruses and some vocal oooh's and Aaaahs is "Above The Law" which flows along nicely and has a good little breakdown riff towards the end. The influence of Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love album) is written all over this song and is present throughout the album albeit not as classy or crude as the Crue though; however I'm sure as the band continue to develop they may and I hope they do stamp more of their own identity on future music. Bazooka continues things in much the same way and I give the band an extra Half a mark for their use of a cowbell in this song. I haven't heard a cowbell in a song in years (could be more my preferred listening though than it's lack of use in heavy metal). This song is full of sexual innuendo loaded lyrics and cheesy lyrics as well as some really good guitar solos as you'd expect in this genre.

"Concrete Jungle" is up next and I liked the intro riff to this reminding me of Dokken. "Razor Blade" follows with an AC/DC vibe to the chord driven riff and there's good use of a bass breakdown riff before the solo kicks in. This is one of my favourites on this album. With it's infectious riffs and vocals.

"Monstrous" is up next and it's use of gang vocals make this a catchy song and sure to be a live favourite. The band's single Same "Ol' Nasty Rock N' Roll" has more of the T F F L (Motley Crue) feel to it; the chorus being catchy and infectious in a good way. "Torture Me" has a Twisted Sister fist pumping pomp and grandeur feel to it driving it along nicely and another song I think made for the live stage. With it's hunter style riff Dum Da Da Dum feel to it "Hungry Heart" carries on the 80's vibe to great effect and keeps the interest going by this change in feel to it.

Now I knew there would be one on the album and here it is "Seventeen" a growing up / coming of age ballad present on so many metal albums of the 80's with it's clean guitar and intro solo leaning on Bryan Adams for inspiration before the melodic riffs drive the song along. Great guitar solo in this song although it left me cold and feeling I'd heard this song before. "Silent Running" could have been on one of those coming of age films I mentioned with its memorable main riff and a catchy bass driven vocal part which I think Cobrakill are so good at. The Innuendo laden "Ride My Rocket" carries forward the album with some seriously cheesy lyrics; "Shake, Shake, Shake it Baby" and "You're the only one I want to bang all night" making me cringe. Album closer "Velvet Snakeskin" is a catchy bass driven song. It's catchiness makes it stick in your head.

All in all if you like your metal 80's style with nods towards Dokken, Twisted Sister, a touch of Priest and a heavy dose of Motley Crue (but not as classy) then Cobrakill may be for you. I can't fault the band's enthusiasm and performances here and they are clearly capable musicians whom I hope develop their own identity for the next album. A shaky 7 out of 10.

But 7 / 10 (.5 for the use of the cowbell)

Meathook Mike, HMS

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Cobrakill are a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band from Germany. Line up: Logan Lexi – Vocals, Randy White – Guitars.