Atrophy interview
Atrophy interview

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ANNA MARIA: HMS interviews the band
ATROPHY: HMS interviews Brian Zimmerman
BUTCHER BABIES: An interview with Heidi Shepherd
A conversation with CADAVERIA
CANCERSLUG: The Alex Story interview
CEREBRAL CORTEX: We interview the band
CHARACULA: Our interview with the She-Demon herself!
CROPSY MANIAC: Our interview with Aaron Whitsell
DEEP SLEEP OPERATOR: A deep discussion with Mark Ehlers
DIEMONDS: We chat with vocalist Priya Panda
HMS interviews with Larry Lethal from F.K.U.
An interview with Maja Schønning from FOREVER STILL
HATRIOT: HMS interviews Steve "Zetro" Souza
INCITE: Our interview with Richie Cavalera
A conversation with Ottawa's own IRON DOGS
HMS interviews LITA FORD
An interview with MORGUE TERROR
MORTIIS: The Dark Deceiver
A conversation with PHOBETOR
PRIMAL FEAR: An interview with Ralf Scheepers
PRISMIND: An interview with Kelly Kereliuk
RAVEN X: Our interview with the band
Ryan Wise: an interview with the man who made I AM THOR
SAGRADO: An exclusive interview with the band
SAXON: HMS interviews Biff Byford
STARBLIND: An interview with the band!
Interview with Canadian legend THOR!
Interview with Dan Fila of VARGA
THE VENDETTAS: chatting with Jared Mattern

Album Reviews

Atrophy: Asylum
Blood Red Throne: Nonagon
Butcher Babies: Take It Like A Man
Cannibal Corpse: Chaos Horrific
Cerebral Cortex: Synthetic Plague
Cerebral Scar: Follow the Liar (EP)
Children of Bodom: A Chapter Called Children of Bodom
Cobrakill: Serpent's Kiss
Demoncy: Black Star Gnosis
Engulf: The Dying Planet Weeps
Exodus: The British Disaster Battle of '89
F.K.U: The Horror and the Metal
Forever Still: Breaking Free
Hideous Divinity: Unextinct
Lee Aaron: Tattoo Me
Left To Rot: Breath Of The Tomb
Master: Saints Dispelled
Morgue Terror
Motorhead: Another Perfect Day
Neal Morse: The Restoration Joseph pt2.
Phantom: Handed to Execution
Prong: State of Emergency
Revulsed: Cerebral Contamination
Sadistic Force: Midnight Assassin
Sadus: The Shadow Inside
Saturnine: Shield The Light In A Veil Of Darkness
Saxon: Hell, Fire and Damnation
Temple Balls: Avalanche
Thor: Metal Avenger
Void: Horrors of Reality

Concert Reviews

Cavalera Conspiracy live 11/23
Disciple live in Nevada 03/24
The Hollywood Vampires live 07/23
Megadeth live 08/23
The Michael Schenker Group live 11/23
TNL VZN live 01/24
Vader live in Toronto 02/24

Other Articles

I AM THOR: documentary review
In Memory of Chris Cornell
PRISMIND: New single – Live in the Now (2023)


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