F.K.U: The Horror and the Metal

F.K.U. (Freddy Kruger's Underwear)
The Horror and the Metal

Despotz Records
Released: 2/9/2024

Every now and then you get to hear an album that really blows you away and it's usually when a friend or fellow music fan asks "have you heard so and so' you need to check them out". Well I was asked to review such an album and what an album it is. I wasn't expecting this album to hit me between the eyes and in my ears quite as hard as this album did. Thrash metal of the highest quality is on offer here. Ten tracks based on Horror movies (which we here at Horror Metal Sounds love) of Thrash metal madness. If you can picture Testament, Exodus, Death Angel and Anthrax mashed together and the best bits of all of them gelled together, add a sprinkle of Nuclear Assault then that will give you an idea of what F.K.U. are about. This album is full of razor sharp riffs, a drummer who knows when to thrash out and groove, held together by a Bassist who has enough cut on the low end to shine through and of course a vocalist that I would say mixes Zetro, Chuck Billy and Mark Osegueda to really create an album that flies by and makes you press repeat.

Opener and title track "The Horror And The Metal" gets straight to the point and lets you know that F.K.U. aren't messing about with it's infectious Death Angel vibe and gang chanted parts this song is a statement of intent signed sealed and delivered effortlessly. "(He Is) The Antichrist" blasts its way next with speed and aggression breaking down to a driving riff that is a slight respite before the speed kicks back in and ends with a sample from The Omen. The Spawning has a great crawling feel to the intro riff before some groove kicks in for the main riff giving it a great Exodus feel to it that will be bouncing around in your head for quite awhile after the song has finished. "Don't Have To Go To Texas" announces itself with some open chords before the sound of a chainsaw announces some more thrashy riffs I can almost see Old Leatherface with a smile on his face here; especially when the dampened stalking riff kicks in.

Next up is probably my favourite song on the album with it's ear worm galloped riff and great vocal lines "Harvester Of Horror" is certain to stick in your head like a knife driven in your neck with that great riff 3/4 of the way through this anthem. The gang vocals "Pray Pray" for the Human Race, You May Never Close Your Eyes Again" are really effective here I can hear them being chanted at a FKU show when this song is aired live. "Deep Cuts" with its picked intro and build up, build into a riff so menacing it will send shivers down your spine before the song erupts into life. "They Are 237" is an irresistible riff fest that is driven with groove and purpose yet retains that thrash attitude that is present throughout this album. The discordant guitars towards the end of the song create a nice tension against the feel of the song before business as usual is resumed. Next up the pace is picked up again with "Bringing Back The Dead", the riffing reminds me as do the other faster riffs of Anthrax / Nuclear Assault at full throttle. A Bass intro announces "Some Kind Of Mosher" and this song is sure to be a pit generator at shows. The album closes with "You Are Who You Eat" and will leave you pressing the repeat button to hear the whole thing again. Full of riffs, gang chants and arrangements this song is the perfect album closer and my second favourite song on the album. "You Are What You Eat" "BON APPETITE" Love that line.

I can't sing the praises high enough for this band and album; they really have created a monster (see what I did there!!?) of an album. It may not be to everyone's liking but for those who love their thrash metal I believe you will love this album. Highly original; no but there's enough here to whet your appetite and remind you why you fell in love with Thrash Metal to begin with. Whilst I'm giving this a 10 even if it wears down a bit I can't see it falling below a 9. Don't take my word for it get yourself, get a copy and if you're waiting for payday to buy it, beg or borrow the cash. Bon Appetite.

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Meathook Mike, HMS

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F.K.U. (Freddy Kruger's Underwear) are a Swedish crossover thrash/punk band.