Forever Still: Breaking Free

Forever Still
Breaking Free

Released: 2/15/2013

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Forever Still hits a home run with their debut EP, Breaking Free. This immaculately produced collection of four passionate and memorable hard rock hits is certain to win the hearts of those who gravitate towards the melodic side of the edgy music.

The first track "The Key" opens up with a hypnotic, tension building riff before the driving rhythm kicks in and gets our heads bobbing. Lead singer, Maja Schønning demonstrates the full gamut of her vocal prowess in this short, yet catchy number; starting out with deep, smoky tones before climbing the octaves to a soaring chorus. We can't help but be drawn in with her soulful, angelic pleading that suddenly turns to gut wrenching screams in the final measures.

Things get a little heavier in "The Last Day" with its punchy groove. Song dynamics are where Forever Still shines; a hard-hitting intro that cuts abruptly to the subdued verses, which, in turn, slowly build the tension towards an explosive chorus. I love when the music breaks to a halt at the end of each verse letting Maja trail off unaccompanied.

"Towards the Edge" is my favorite track and my current go-to song whenever I want to instantly brighten up my day. It's an uplifting tune and every part of it builds towards a powerful crescendo. The EP finishes off with a live acoustic version of "The Last Day" further cementing the songwriting brilliance at work here, as the mood of this track is completely different from its previous incarnation. Thanks to the mixing and recording genius of Mikkel Haastrup, Forever Still's music possesses the additional subtlety of electronic sampling, adding to the rich soundscape of Breaking Free.

Forever Still definitely do not overstay their welcome. Their songs are brief and the EP ends all too soon leaving us craving more. I eagerly await the release of their upcoming album to pick up where Breaking Free leaves off!

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Rich Leggatt, HMS

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Forever Still were formed in 2013, Copenhagen, where their first EP Breaking Free was released. In 2014 they released their second EP Scars. Everything that frontwoman Maja Shining and multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Haastrup achieved until now has been produced by the band members themselves. Over years they organized their tours, took photos, made their cover art and music videos as well as recorded, mixed and produced everything on their own. Tied Down was recorded together with Flemming Rasmussen, who formerly worked as a producer for Metallica. – Wikipedia