An interview with GOREMITORY

Interview by Meathook Mike

Continuing with underground bands from the thriving extreme metal scene in the PHILIPPINES I reached out to another long standing / performing band from MANILA, GOREMITORY talking to them about their music, what makes them keep going, the scene in the PHILIPPINES and of course some Horror Movie stuff too.

The brutal death slam band have been together in one form or another since 2009 undergoing several line up changes throughout their existence. They are currently working on a new album which should see release in 2024.

Ace Daculan: Vocals
Francis Yumul: Guitars
GJ Micairan: Bass
Nathan Dalanon: Drums

Hi and thank you for your time in talking with Horror Metal Sounds.

HMS: You've been together since 2009 and started as a death metal band before deciding to set your style in the brutal/slam genre. What made you decide on that particular genre?

Francis: Well back then, our former frontman (Jeff Matining) and I are more likely into Brutal/Slam genre. We have common interests when it comes to bands and structures of making songs. Then GJ also listens with the same grid so it's a huge ignition.

HMS: Tell us about the band name, how it came about?

Francis: I almost forgot but the only thing that I knew, Goremitory described as a place full of dead bodies or a human butchery to be exact.

HMS: It's a hugely competitive genre with so many bands within it. What makes Goremitory stand out?

Francis: I guess it's the longevity that we are carried through the years. After all with some changes and conflicts encountered, this group still kicking ass by sharing and making extreme music. 14 years, I still can't believe it.

GJ: Our style of music comes from the different influences of all the members. we focus on the brutal death genre but we tend to fuse or combine with jazz, groove, hiphop, death metal etc. which makes it very unique.

Nathan: I think it's our way of understanding each other with regard to strengths and weaknesses, backgrounds and influences.

Ace: It's just the way you and the others co-op with each other and we have similar interest and goals apply.

HMS: You've had quite a few line up changes with Francis being the constant member throughout. You've used session musicians or borrowed musicians from other bands to keep going, the scene is very supportive of each other there, what made you keep going?

Francis: Just being passionate all over it. I feel like this band have potential and I just simply don't want this band fade away. Especially when we had challenges finding a drummer back in the day, I guess we run an advocacy to have this band vital. We did drum programming both recording and on stage for years just to keep this group kicking. Guess what? It works.

GJ: I believe I was the only bassist who joined the band since 2009. We used to have session vocalists if ours is not available due to work schedule or some other reasons. The real challenge that we had is the drummer. In our type of genre and style, it's kinda hard to find a drummer who'll fit, thats why somehow we stuck with the drum programming for years. The reason we kept goin is because we really love the music and its our passion to play and create this kind of music, and hoping that someday we might make a career out of it.

Nathan: I was quite surprised when Ace asked me if I want to be the new drummer or Goremitory. There was this immense pressure since they had the best drummers prior. I appreciate their patience and understanding and their love for the band.

Ace: In the way we support each other, the way I learned things by them and with each other so we build more brotherly bonds.

HMS: You have a settled line up now how did you recruit the musicians?

Francis: Back then, we recruited some mutual friends who are more likely vacant or not that busy with the other bands. At this point, we are lucky to have Nathan as our new drummer which also our friend and former bandmate of Ace during Radamment days. If we get back from the first phase, GJ was also our very first bassist and Ivan Flores as our first frontman recruited by Bern Espiritu as well.

GJ: I was recruited by Bern Espiritu the former drummer. I came from a groove metal/ death metal band and am just tryin to explore other kinds of genre that time.

Nathan: I got recruited by Ace, which he was also my bandmate on Radamment. He has been a long time friend and we have also the same interest.

Ace: I was a former bassist/vocals of Radamment. When I was vacant during postRadamment times, I was being recruited by Francis since he is also a friend of mine and have the same taste and style for metal genre and anything old school stuff. Then I decided to step in the band.

"...this group still kicking ass by sharing and making extreme music. 14 years, I still can't believe it!"

HMS: I see you were gigging with a drum machine at one point, This would leave very little room for error if any at all, now you have a drummer onboard do you play to a click track live?

Francis: I couldn't agree more. There are times that a certain venue had poor sound system. It's challenging but we get used to it and we must fix it. It's not that easy.

Nathan: We haven't used click track at the moment. We simply rehearse with the guided references from the drum machine tracks and he's using a mixer and IEMs to hear my guitar signal for additional guide. Then we do song mastery.

HMS: Tell us about your main musical influences, this is for all the members of Goremitory.

Francis: Of course our main influence, the almighty Devourment. Then I have Disgorge (USA), Infernal Revision, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Defeated Sanity, Soils Of Fate, Putrid Pile, Pig Destroyer, Jasad, and Cannibal Corpse.

GJ: Devourment, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Infernal Revulsion, Mudvayne, and Korn.

Nathan: Viramea, Origin, Nephrectomy, Rings of Saturn, Cerebral Engorgement, Abonimable Putridity, Deftones, Mudvayne, Soulfly, Stuck Mojo, Incubus (Old School), One Minute Silence, Primus, Helmet, Snot and Devildriver.

Ace: Devourment, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Infernal Revulsion, Extermination Dismemberment etc. actually I'm into all kinds of metal genre.

HMS: Who does the songwriting? Is it a band effort or does it start with ideas in rehearsals?

Francis: I was the one who mainly write the structures and demonstrate with them how it works then we rehearse. Right now, I'm somewhat doing the same drill but it's like more into band effort. I'll ask Nathan for some cool drum patterns, GJ if he needs to add more odd time signatures, and then we will pile up the ideas together, then Ace will write the lyrics once the song completed.

HMS: Who writes the lyrics and what subject matters do you cover in them?

Francis: At this moment, I make the song title and Ace will write the lyrics in relation with the titles I shared. But we are also open for ideas to make better writings that works in the song.

GJ: We used to brainstorm and jam at my place and in the studio in creating some the songs, but most of the time Francis is the one whose writing them.

HMS: What makes the perfect Goremitory riff?

Francis: A little grind-like and a little technical riff plus a huge tone of skull crushing slams. Secondly, I want a pretty unique attack when it comes to slams riffs, because there are some slam riffs that sounds the same with other bands.

GJ: The jeng jeng jeng jung jeng jung jeng jung hahaha!

HMS: you are in the studio at the moment is it a new album or EP?

Francis: We are currently working for a full-length album and soon to be released next year. We made partnership with Gore Slam Production for this project.

HMS: Which do you prefer recording or live?

Francis: Right now, I prefer recording. I just simply sit in there, relax, and create your craft then you just realized you just created a song. I also love live events too, we gather with our comrades in the scene and enjoying the night over. Though it's tiring once you get home, body pain aftermath. Lol!

GJ: It depends.

Nathan: I prefer performing live.

Ace: Performing live with a booze.

HMS: The world is a smaller place with the internet, music is freely available to all with access to it so which bands are you all listening to right now?

Francis: Dying Fetus' latest album (Make Them Beg For Death). The old style DF seems getting back. I also revisiting to Dehumanized, Proficiencies Foretold album, Devourment's Conceived The Sewage album, and some sick tracks from Sagrado.

GJ: I'm into progressive/death metal right now like Opeth, Katatonia, Dream Theater, Cynic, snd Spiral Artchitect. Sometimes goin back to roots nu metal like Deftones, Mudvayne, Korn, etc.

Ace: I'm into all kinds of metal genres.

HMS: If you could play anywhere in the world where would you choose first and why?

Francis: Obscene Extreme in Czech Republic and Hammersonic Festival in Indonesia.

GJ: Deathfest they have the sickest lineup.

Nathan: Obscene Extreme!!!

Ace: Obscene Extreme.

HMS: Francis you also put shows on, how do you go about getting an event together? For instance how do you select a headliner?

Francis: At first, I make assessment if this event will work. Doing some basic economic aspects and shit. Lol! Regardless if I will earn back or not, the event must be successful and recognized. Selecting of headliners is pretty challenging. The band must be present in the event, there were times that some bands backed out a day before or worse at the same day of the event without notice or unnecessary reason. It's quite frustrating but the show must go on. On the other hand, if there is a certain band wanted to release a material under my promotion or a tour that includes Manila as part of their route, and a collaboration with other productions, then let's talk about it. Welcome in Killing Fields. Lol!

HMS: So when the headliner is sorted you then have the tasks of supporting bands, venue and promotion, that's a lot of work. Do you try and get a variation of musical styles on an all day event to get a larger audience?

Francis: You know our long time event (Killing Fields) used to be known as all out brutal death metal roster both headliners and supportive bands. Nowadays, at least in the same grid of extreme metal that I can include in the roster. I'm also inviting some bands like thrash, grindcore, black, melodic death to step up if KF events for a change.

HMS: Are you Horror movie fans?

Francis: Yup! It gives me ideas when thinking song titles.

GJ: Hell yeah!

Nathan: Definitely! I have a horror movie review page on Facebook.

Ace: Ow yes!!

HMS: What are your favourite horror films?

Francis: Saw movie series, Hannibal, Hell Raiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring (Japanese version), A Tale Of Two Sisters, The Shining, Final Destination.

GJ: Hide and seek, Shutter, The ring series, The Grudge, Dawn of the Dead, Scream Series, Jeff Dahmer, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, The Zodiac, Final Destination, and The Exorcist.

Nathan: Event Horizon, Gojiam: Hunted Asylum, The Borderlands, Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Hill House, The Ritual, No One Gets Out Alive, The Mist, The Thing, Alien (1979), Revenge of the Body Snatchers, Leviathan, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, Five Nights at Freddys ... well too long to mention all LOL!

Ace: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ring (JP), The Shutter etc. I'll watch any horror movie that gives me a good shit.

HMS: Who would you say is the greatest horror movie Actor/Actress?

Francis: Anthony Hopkins, his Hannibal Lecter role is my favourite.

GJ: Kris Aquino. Hahaha!

Nathan: I would say, Partrick Wilson from the Indisious and Conjuring franchise.

Ace: when I was a kid I admire the Philippine Horror Movie Legend "Lilia Cuntapay".

HMS: Do you have a particular favourite sort of horror film, for example gore, slasher or psychological?

Francis: I'm more with gore mixed with psychopath things. It's like devastating everyone under hallucination.

GJ: I like pyschological horror thriller movies especially if it's based on true events. Like movies/documentaries of serial killers or cases that still has not been solved.

Nathan: I prefer Sci-Fi horror. I appreciate psychological horror and gore but I'm not a huge fan of slasher horror.

Ace: Psycho and Gore with a psycho killer.

HMS: Do you have a guilty musical pleasure that people wouldn't think you were into say for instance Ballads, musicals etc?

Francis: Everyone knows that I'm also into hiphop. Artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony, Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, Cypress Hill, Redman, Big L, Nujabes, etc. I also listen with some Japanese anime, super sentai, and super hero songs. Lastly, I also listen to binaural beats for meditation.

GJ: I listen to dark ambient music especially when im doing macabre/dark tattoos it sets the mood and helps me feel relaxed sometimes. I also listen to dark viking music, jazz, disney fantasia, music of danny elfman and more.

Nathan: I'm into Hip-Hop, Slow Rock, Jazz, Funk, Progressive R&B, R&B, Acoustic Ballads, Industrial Trip Hop and some Trap on the side.

Ace: I'm listening to Rap, Reggae, Pop, any JP Jam and of course any Otoku or Anime related songs.

HMS: Is there anything you want to say to music fans out there?

Francis: Thank you for supporting Goremitory since day 1. We hope to see y'all soon with our upcoming album launch. Keep on grinding. Spread music and not rumours and toxicity. Be an advocate of! Om.

GJ: Keep on supporting the bands that you like. Buy their merchs/album, go to their gigs. Enjoy and live music.

Nathan: Keep your passion alive and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Ace: Thank you for the support and keep our passion staying strong. Support to our brothers/sisters out there who's also dreaming.

Email: goremitoryphdm@gmail.com

2013: Demo
2014: Flesh Ripping Executions (EP)
2015: Human Abattoir (5 way split album under Rotten Music)
2023: Remnants Of The Exhumed (EP)

Meathook Mike, HMS

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