Hideous Divinity: Unextinct

Hideous Divinity

Century Media
Released: 3/22/2024

Hailing from ROME, ITALY and comprised by members of ABORTED this slab of technical

Blackened Death was sent my way for review. It boasts a pedigree and class by the members alone and I had high hopes for this 10 song album. It took me awhile to appreciate this album as on a first listen,

I wasn't really taken by it, but I decided to come away and return to it as I know that sometimes first listens aren't always instant grabbers and I know that albums aren't written overnight; a hell of a lot of work goes into making one. So in order to give this album a review I went back and found the album to be a grower (some listeners may get an instant hit from it). What is evident throughout is the quality of the musicians involved and in particular the drumming is outstanding on this album as are the vocals. The vocalist Enrico Di Lorenzo has a fine set of pipes laden with variety which make the songs interesting and not a one dimensional ride.

Opener "Dust Settles on Humanity" is an atmospheric intro building nicely with some spoken words and great double bass drum work before the staccato intro of "The Numinous One" blasts it's way into your ears. The guttural vocals are mixed with some higher vocals adding to the musical onslaught which is a good mix of Black & Death metal; don't be fooled by a "nice" clean section because before you know it you're being smashed back into submission. A great riff that cuts deeply before the main body of riffs open you up and brings in Against the "Sovereignty Of Mankind" this song has a great breakdown where the drums and guitars work perfectly in creating a tight tension in the song. "Atto Quarto The Horror Paradox" builds on its subtle intro into a face slapping wall of chords before really getting up close and personal in your face. At 8:40 this song had the potential to become overly drawn out but thanks to its textures and the varied vocals used, it really does flow nicely (or as nicely as death metal can be). There are some great time changes throughout and once gain the drumming throughout really drives this song along. "Quasi Sentient" slows things down slightly with it's doom feel to the intro before once again exploding into life. The song writing throughout this album is of top quality and the songs are crafted and performed with exceptional quality as can be heard on this song with its great use of rhythms to break down into different parts. "Hair Dirt Mud" is a mostly instrumental offering building from a brooding intro before bursting into life as the vocals are more words over music than vocal lines.

A slow menacing musical build up brings in "More Than Many Never One" when a whispered vocal tricks your ears before the gutturals kick in. The song opens up with a big open section of chords and big guttural vocals before getting back to business as usual. "Der Verlorene Sohn" gives the listener a brief musical interlude and time to reflect upon the audio beating the senses have been given already in the previous songs. But the band get back to the business of beating your senses relentlessly again with "Mysterium Tremendun Leben Ohne Feur" closes the album out with 8.26 of riffs from brooding to brutal, there are changes to prevent the song becoming stale and boring.

If Technical Blackened Death Metal is your thing then there is enough quality in this band (and album) to satisfy your appetite. As I said initially I found this album to be hard going but on going back to it I found it to be a really good album, in most part due to the song writing being of high quality and making sure that the songs had enough changes within them to keep the listener interested. The vocals are also varied (albeit brutal in styles) but at least they are not mono-tonal throughout and add to the tensions and moods of the songs here. If you're new to this genre then this may be a good introduction for you but bear in mind it may take a couple of listens for you to truly appreciate what Hideous Divinity offer here.

Meathook Mike, HMS

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Hideous Divinity is a Technical/Brutal Death Metal band formed in 2007 from Rome, Italy.