Lee Aaron: Tattoo Me

Lee Aaron
Tattoo Me

Metalville Records
Released: 4/26/2024

This record covers a lot of bases; and by bases, I mean, bands like Heart, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin, to name a few.

Lee Aaron and her band fill a disc full of classic songs from the 70's (and two from the 90's) in her own unique, but very Hollywood style. So to say the least, the track choices are right up my alley. Kicking things off is the title tune, "Tattoo". No, it's not about the little dude from the old TV program! It's about that thang we love to do with our significant other. (wink, wink). To my knowledge, this is an original tune, set to the hip-shake of the glam rock era of the 1980's; like Holly Would or Faster Pussycat.

Next up is the punk tune "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by the Undertones. It comes off a bit cleaner than the gritty original, but gets the punk vibe and groove going. "Even It Up" (Heart), " What Is And What Should Never Be" (Led Zeppelin), "Is It My Body" (Alice Cooper), and "Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac), give the classic rock a new life.

Now bring the lights down and turn the lava lamp on for the sultry song "The Pusher" by Nina Simone. This one highlights Lee Aaron's gut-punch vocals. Flash forward to the 90's where Lee gleans some alternative influences from Hole, the song "Malibu". I prefer this one over the original. Flash back (again) to the height of Elton Johns career in 1975 and his hit "Someone Saved My Life Tonight".

Personally, not as passionate as the original, but the vocal layering is very cool. "Connection" (Elastica: 1994), and "Teenage Kicks" (The Undertones: 1978), pull the covers over on the record dedicated to the music that left a lasting impression and inspiration on Lee Aaron like a tattoo.

Upside to Tattoo is the songs are wonderfully done to the old style sexy swagger of the Hollywood Strip days. The record is produced by the songstress herself, Lee Aaron.

Downside is that a few songs come across a bit karaoke, like she's reading the lyrics as she sings. Case in point, "What Is And What Should Never Be" and "Even It Up". It was a bit overproduced and too perfect. The bands covered in this record didn't care about perfection (with the exception of Elton John),the groups were raw and captured attitude within the chords.

The highlights, however are "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", Is It My Body", and "Connection". Overall, a good listen and a well arranged record.

Tim Duran, HMS

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Lee Aaron is a Canadian rock singer. She had several hits in the 1980s and early 1990s, such as "Metal Queen", "Whatcha Do to My Body", and "Sex with Love". – Wikipedia