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Morgue Terror

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Morgue Terror are a death metal band from Buffalo, NY. This 5 song EP is based on the murders of Art The Clown from the Terrifier movies. "Salt The Wound" starts the killing spree off with a nice groove before the guttural growls kick in. I like the overall groove of the riffs in this song and the fact it’s not driven by relentless blast beats throughout. In fact the use of blast beats on this EP is applied very tastefully throughout and thus allows the riffs to breath more easily. The pace picks up about half way through the song and has a great ending designed to get heads banging which it certainly does.

"Nightstalker" follows with a great intro before going off into a riff that to me is very typical of the genre and nothing really original to it; after the intro I thought that the song could develop into something more sinister in feel. Trilled riffs see us through the remainder of the song and solo before going back into the generic death metal riffing. "Broken, Beaten, Beheaded" starts off in pretty much the same riffing as the previous song. I can’t really say I could hear the difference between songs as the style is pretty mono tonal and repetitive. The playing is solid and the musicians clearly are good at what they do. "Morbid Curiosities" picks the pace up and I really enjoyed this song with its faster pace and great use of double bass drumming driving it along before its breakdown gives the listener some respite from the onslaught. Towards the end the riff lightens in feel and adds some much needed variety to the EP. "Chopped Up Chum" ends the EP with a barrage of speed and some blast beats tastefully spliced into the riffing that drives this song until the ending riff slows it down into its death throes.

All in all a solid enough effort slightly spoiled by the repetitive riffing of a couple of songs. The EP is a fine slab of death metal and contains some great moments on it which lifts the music enough to keep the listener interested. Clearly talented musicians Morgue Terror offer enough to warrant you going to their band camp site and paying some money to get this EP. If the band build on this solid offering then I see a bright future ahead of them.

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Meathook Mike, HMS

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Morgue Terror is a death metal band out of Buffalo, New York. First single "Chopped Up Chum" available on all streaming platforms. Second single December 1st. Self Titled EP out January 5th of 2024.