Neal Morse: The Restoration Joseph pt2.

Neal Morse
The Restoration: Joseph pt2.

Radiant Records
Released: 1/12/2024


(Old Testament, taking place in Egypt, 1910 B.C.)
A theological study put to serious, intense Prog. Or just read Genius chapters 37 - 50. Preferably in the New King James version of the Bible to get a wider picture of the songs.

Chapter One:

To properly review this record, I first had to go back and listen to pt1. This sets the scene for the second record. You know, its like listening to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" out of order. You must listen in sequence.

These 2 records tell the history of Joseph and the dreams he had and how God made these prophetic dreams come to pass. If you are not familiar with this story or not interested in the biblical facts stated in these songs, you are sure to love the intricacies, melodies, and techniques of the extraordinary songwriting.

Chapter Two:

Upon the intro, you can taste the influence of Genesis (circa 1970's), Kansas, Dream Theater, and the ever present YES. With musicians too many to mention, Neal Morse (Spock's Beard, Custard) heads up this visually striking opus of many colours.

PART 2: puts you in the driver's seat of Joseph's life and the struggles and adversities he faced. For instance, being thrown into prison, he never lost hope. Others knew of his faith in God and would ask him to translate their dreams. Word got back to Pharaoh, and Joseph was able to tell Pharaoh what his dreams meant.

Musically masterful in writing and production. Every musician used in this masterpiece; surgical in their own rites; deliver a flawless performance. Full of highs, lows, mellow, and heavy, Neal Morse raises the curtain on this story of woe and triumph.

Chapter Three:

It's difficult to break down each song and it's meaning without going into scripture reference and boring the reader who hasn't read this particular section of the Bible. I will just have to trust you will listen to This record and give it a fair shot.

The sounds, tones, and melodies will please the folks who delve into experimental prog and Progressive Metal. It will also be a good study guide to anyone studying the Old Testament.


As a believer in the infallible Word of God and a firm believer in Metal, I bestow the coveted 10/10 for this masterpiece of audio vision. I hope this record will cause you to crank up the volume and peak your curiosity to know more about God.

For the list of musicians, please visit the site nealmorse.com

Tim Duran, HMS

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Neal Morse is an American singer, musician and composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1992, he formed the progressive rock band Spock's Beard with his brother Alan and released an album which was moderately successful. – Wikipedia