Cavalera Conspiracy: Schizophrenia

Cavalera Conspiracy

Nuclear Blast
Released: 6/21/2024

The Cavalera Brothers, Max and Igor have re-recorded Sepultura's landmark second album, Schizophrenia and have given it new life.

With the original album released in 1987 and being one of the most pivotal albums in the thrash genre, it was only natural for the brothers to want to reboot this and give it a fresh coat of paint. I can be quite guarded over re-recordings; especially with my favourite bands and albums, but Cavalera has done a fantastic job taking on this project. Listeners will not only hear the sound and production that has been modernized, but so many nuances that really add to this legendary albums recreation. I have been playing the original and this version track for track all week and every time hearing something new.

'Inquisition Symphony' has a clearer thumping bass line that you didn't hear in the original but makes the song more complete. Tracks like 'R.I.P.' (rest in pain) and 'To the Wall' are much clearer and the drums are really showcased. My favourite track 'Escape to the Void' has that identifiable guitar riff and along with Max's vocals has that clear higher pitch that makes this song an absolute classic. This track is worth the price of admission. Original track ten 'Troops of Doom' has been replaced by the never heard before 'Nightmares of Delirium' which adds a bonus for old school fans with something new. This is a heavy all out thrash assault that is mind blowing. The guitar solo is phenomenal and cements how incredible this album is.

I rated this album a ten on merits of improvement but staying true to form. What's great is that as classic fans we have the original and now this which makes Schizophrenia a more complete package.

You can actually feel the love as artists the brothers have for this album and the best thing is new fans of the band and genre can take part in it for the very first time. Absolutely check this out and play it loud.

Jim Harrison, HMS

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Cavalera Conspiracy is a Brazilian-American heavy metal supergroup from Phoenix, Arizona, founded by Brazilian brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, who are widely known as former members of Sepultura, and the only two constant members of the band. – Wikipedia



Cavalera Conspiracy: Schizophrenia