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Welcome to a new era in podcasting.

Thrashcast is the place to find riveting discussions on classic thrash albums, news and reviews. Your hosts are three thrash loving maniacs who grew up during the golden age of the genre. Kenneth, Billy and Jim will get together weekly to bring you a deep dive on some of your favourite thrash records.


Thrashcast Episode 1: Kreator's Pleasure To Kill album

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Thrashcast Episode 2: Sacred Reich's The American Way album

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Thrashcast Episode 3: Destruction's Cracked Brain album

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Thrashcast Episode 4: Sodom's Agent Orange album

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Thrashcast Episode 5: Heathen's Victims of Deception album

Thrashcast Episode 6: Overkill's Horrorscope album

Thrashcast Episode 7: Metallica's ...And Justice For All album

Thrashcast Episode 8: Exodus' Fabulous Disaster album

Thrashcast Episode 9: Celtic Frost's To Mega Therion album

Thrashcast Episode 10: Power Trip's Nightmare Logic album

Thrashcast Episode 11: Anthrax's Among The Living album

Thrashcast Episode 12: Testament's The Gathering album

Thrashcast Episode 13: Megadeth's Rust In Peace album

Thrashcast Episode 14: Slayer's South Of Heaven album

Thrashcast Episode 15: Sepultura's Beneath The Remains album


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Kerry King: From Hell I Rise