Kerry King: From Hell I Rise

Kerry King
From Hell I Rise

Reigning Phoenix Music
Released: 5/17/2024

The highly anticipated debut album by Kerry King, From Hell I Rise was released on May 17, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music.

Thrash fans worldwide finally have what I believe will make many lists for album of the year. This is a full out thrash assault following to a more latter day Slayer vibe but with a more relevant sound blending crossover thrash and traditional thrash.

Kerry has put together a star studded band with vocalist Mark Osegueda (Death Angel), guitarist Phil Demmel (Machine Head), bassist Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah) and drummer and bandmate from Slayer, Paul Bostaph also from Forbidden, Testament and Exodus.

This is a who's who in the thrash metal genre and it shines through on the album on just how talented this band is. Bostaph was quoted on Dean Guitars YouTube channel that the new project "would sound like Slayer without it being Slayer-but not intentionally so". The first two singles released 'Idle Hands' and 'Residue' would give fans teasers of how heavy and fast this album was going to be, and it is.

Highlights for me include tracks 'Where I Reign' that is a fast assault of the senses and had a definite Slayer vibe. The heavy guitars chug with a massive bass line and drum beat mix to perfection with Osegueda's heavy vocals.

'Trophies of the Tyrant' has a killer guitar riff intro, this has more of a darker vibe and shows off the bands diverse thrash direction. 'Tension' could have been off of Slayers 'Seasons In the Abyss' album with a cool slower start that builds up into again a darker heavy sound.

'Toxic' is another heavy track that has so many cool guitar riffs, and Osegueda's vocals shine on this one. 'Two Fists' has a cool punk crossover vibe and is my favourite track on the album. This is destined to be a wicked live track.

'Rage' speeds things up and doesn't let you up for air. This is one of the fastest and heavy tracks on the album. This album is over 46 minutes long covering 13 tracks and it doesn't slow down for a second. I have to give Kerry King credit for assembling not only a great band but for writing so much solid material for his first release. In a recent interview he indicated that after the tour they will be back in the studio working on a second release.

One thing is for sure thrash metal is alive and well in 2024 and this album cements this. I suggest this album for all metal heads who are looking for the real deal in thrash metal.

Jim Harrison, HMS

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Kerry Ray King is an American musician, best known for being the co-lead guitarist and songwriter of thrash metal band Slayer. He co-founded the band with Jeff Hanneman in 1981 and is one of two members to stay with the band for its 43-year existence, along with Tom Araya. – Wikipedia


From Hell I Rise

Kerry King: From Hell I Rise