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The new Thrashcast episode
The new Thrashcast episode
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Happy Canada Day to all you metalheads.

Yes, it's July 1st and Canada is 157 years old today. But you didn't come to HMS to discuss our country's birthday. You came here for the continuous coverage of the worlds of both heavy metal and horror films. So with that out of the way, let's take a deep dive into the exciting events of the month ahead.

Firstly, the Thrashcast podcast is ripping it up big time. We've completed 16 episodes heading into July, and our upcoming episode to start the month off will be a banger of a discussion. We have Razor in the house to discuss their blistering 2nd studio release Evil Invaders from 1985. So check that out Friday, July 5th.

We also just launched episode two of Horror Metal Flashbacks featuring an in depth look at the influence of horror writer Stephen King and comic book maniac Judge Dredd on the band Anthrax. You can head over to our Youtube channel to catch it and while you are there go back and watch episode one as we discussed Alice Cooper's metallic rise in the 80's.

Beyond that, the coverage will continue to titillate and excite all you eager metalheads and gorehounds. Check us out on social media for more news and tidbits. We will continue to bring you new interviews and reviews, so hit up the website and see our latest thoughts on Exodus latest live release or the new stunner from Cavalera Conspiracy.

So with all that being said, it's time to go and see what Meat is up to. Anyhow, keep those fists pumping and remember to have it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, EIC, July 2024.