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It's been a strange few weeks inside the Slayer camp. First, Kerry King unveils his solo band line-up and then makes a few emphatic statements about drummer Dave Lombardo and bassist Tom Araya. He's quoted as saying that Dave Lombardo is dead to him and that he's had no communication at all with Tom since the band's break up five years ago.

With all that being said, Slayer announced today they are getting back together to play two festivals in September. They will be headlining Riot Fest 2024 at Douglas Park in Chicago Sept 20-22. Then they play Louder Than Life on Sept 27th.

So what does this all mean regarding Slayer's future beyond these two dates? Heaven only knows when you consider all the pomp and circumstance surrounding King's musical endeavours and future aspirations. Can he tour with the solo band and still jump into the Slayer line-up? If you are a Slayer fan you can only speculate at this point, so I guess the best advice I can give is just ride the wave until we know more.

I think what perplexes most people is the timing of this announcement. Clearly when King stated he had no formal contact with Tom, he was clearly bullshitting everyone. So what's going on here? You have to assume King, Araya, Bostaph and Holt will be the line-up to take to the stage this September and these shows will be heavily anticipated.

If you are a diehard fan, then you get the King solo album in May and the shows in September. What a time to be a Slayer fan.

I'm outta here. Keep those fists raise and keep it bloody.

Kenneth Gallant, EIC, February 2024.